CRUZANI Snack Innovation: The MondoChurro!™

Proprietary twist on a popular favorite by CRUZANI Oventa Foods   

ATLANTA, Oct. 26, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- CRUZANI, Inc. (OTC: CZNI),, a global business development company focused on creating and acquiring franchise concepts, along with peripheral food-related businesses throughout the United States, Canada and international markets.

The company announced today it is readying its next snack food item for launch to U.S. consumers – the CRUZANI MondoChurro!™.  Churros are a popular sweet snack consisting of a strip of fried dough, conventionally dusted with sugar or cinnamon.  Churros have become a growing favorite snack amongst an increasingly diverse consumer base in America and elsewhere. CRUZANI’s Oventa Foods subsidiary announces that it has started distribution discussions for its proprietary new version of the snack.  CRUZANI’s MondoChurro!™ innovations arise from CRUZANI in-house custom designed production equipment and proprietary process techniques. They give CRUZANI’s MondoChurro!™ longer shelf-life, intriguing new shapes, new fillings and texture.  These important commercial characteristics can be achieved in Oventa Foods’ high-volume production environment, expanding wholesaler options for this hot dessert snack category. 

CRUZANI CEO, Everett Dickson, comments: “Our baked-goods management team, Mario and Barbara Parravano, have impressive credentials.  Their projects have been  proven commercial successes. From developing the first Weight Watchers fudge brownies, to developing the first Kudos brand bars years ago, to the present time – the creations keep on coming.  The MondoChurro!™ is cool because just when you thought that every decadent Churro version has been thought of, the MondoChurro!™ emerges; better in a number of ways that matter to food retailers and their consumers. CRUZANI has a great year of business progress ahead, when new certifications are complete and new distribution arrangements finalized.  Our shareholders may be gaining weight in 2019 as they enjoy sampling our diverse new product launches!”  

The significance of the new MondoChurro!™ product announcement for CRUZANI is the momentum that it represents for the company. CRUZANI has been rapidly operationalizing its new production assets and management team in 2018.  CRUZANI’s ambitious business plan encompasses commercial food production, consumer product snack food products, quick-service-restaurant development and additional projects to be announced.  The transformation of CRUZANI into full-operational mode in 2018 has been accompanied by profound net asset growth for the benefit of shareholders.  These performance accomplishments are the basis for CRUZANI’s declared intention to rise to more senior public company market tiers, maximizing CRUZANI’s scope of potential in the multi-trillion-dollar food industry.

About CRUZANI, Inc.

CRUZANI Inc, formerly US Highland, Inc., is a franchise development company that builds and acquires popular franchise concepts, and other food related businesses, throughout the United States and International markets. Our management team selects up and coming concepts with substantial growth potential. We bring fresh innovative brands to consumers that have great potential.  All of our brands are unique in nature by focusing on niche markets with untapped potential for development.  CRUZANI maintains social media accounts for the purposes of SEC Fair Disclosure at  and

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