SoftServe Anomaly Detection Accelerator Now Available on AWS Marketplace

User-friendly tool makes data mining as easy as point-and-click

AUSTIN, Texas, Oct. 30, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- SoftServe, a leading digital authority and consulting company, announced today its Anomaly Detection Accelerator, a free and open architecture framework that learns an expected or normal pattern without the need for domain-specific knowledge, is now available on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace.

SoftServe’s Anomaly Detection Accelerator is a user-friendly tool that detects anomalies in time series data without explicitly defining normal and abnormal criteria. The solution is able to uncover hidden temporal patterns such as trends and seasonal fluctuations (periodic patterns) and identify observations that do not conform to the expected behavior. It is also able to adjust its knowledge by collecting user feedback to provide more accurate predictions.

A key advantage of SoftServe’s Anomaly Detection Accelerator is that it’s easy to use. From business intelligence to industrial big data analytics, users don't have to write code or be data miners to quickly identify activities, events, actions and seasonal or trend patterns that are out of the ordinary. This delivers significant time and cost savings by eliminating the need for multiple data mining tools and leveraging a domain-agnostic approach, that easily scales across a wide range of configurations.

SoftServe Anomaly Detection Accelerator key features

  • Multi-purpose framework – an end-to-end solution from data management to data analysis
  • Analyze any data – algorithms learn complex time series patterns, including seasonality, trends, and changing behavior for all types of variables
  • Reliable and scalable – built on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2), leverages cloud virtual machines written in R, uses Shiny for presentation layer
  • Built-in expertise – created with the power of world class data scientists
  • Open source – developed in an open directed community that encourages contributions

This is ideal for business and IT professionals who have access to data and want to measure the effects of their campaigns, programs, and teams to uncover trends and irregularities quickly and efficiently – easily performing exploratory data analysis through built-in visualization.

SoftServe’s Anomaly Detection Accelerator includes a simplified end-to-end process flow that takes users from data to results in four easy steps.

Load – Define targets and time variables, with support for local and remote data services.

Prepare – Apply transformation - remove noise, aggregation, etc.

Model – Choose from “Simple Mode” with default settings or “Expert Mode” to fine tune sensitivity and more.

Apply – Time series data is a record that contains information that allows users to make educated guesses about future expectations.

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