K2 Rolls Out New Platform Updates to Further Drive Digital Transformation

The latest K2 Cloud and K2 Five updates include new integration capabilities that enable full lifecycle business automation

Bellevue, Wash., Oct. 30, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- K2, the leader in digital process automation, today announced a new release of K2 Cloud and K2 Five. The updates provide customers with even more functionality on K2’s intuitive process automation platform and further help customers build applications that best suit their workflow, security and integration needs.

“We’re excited to deliver to our customers the features they’ve requested that will further enable them to digitally transform their businesses,” said Jason Trent, Director of Global Cloud Strategy. “The K2 platform allows you to easily create integrated process automation at scale, and with this latest release comes a multitude of new features that give customers the confidence they need to build next-generation workflows and applications.”

With this release comes K2 Cloud Secure Data Access (SDA), which enables users to access their traditional, on-premises line-of-business systems from within their K2 Cloud applications. K2 SDA utilizes a patented, reverse-access technology that eliminates the need for opening firewall ports and does not require a VPN, DMZ or other network infrastructure changes within the on-premises environment.

The K2 Cloud and K2 Five updates additionally offer a number of new capabilities, including the below.

  • UiPath Integration: Since partnering with UiPath, customers can now automate business processes end-to-end using robotic process automation (RPA) that allows robots and humans to work together effortlessly.
  • Conditional Workflow Start Rule: Users will be able to specify conditions under which K2 workflows are started. The workflow will then only run when the start conditions are met.
  • Draft Forms: Users can save a draft version of a form within the K2 Workspace app to work on later or when offline.
  • Server-Side Rule Execution: Improve performance by utilizing server-side rule execution when loading K2 SmartForms.
  • Expanded Security and Governance: Customers will also have improved security in their environment by controlling who can delete SmartObjectsviews and forms in the K2 designer. It’s also easy to grant delete rights to people or roles within the platform.

In a recent survey, 81 percent of respondents ranked business automation as important to their organization’s success[i]. K2 enables customers to take on key digital transformation initiatives by providing features that make it fast and easy to build company-wide process applications that are optimized for performance and take advantage of emerging technologies.

To learn more about K2 and how to create comprehensive business applications on a low-code platform, visit k2.com.

ABOUT K2: K2 is the leading low-code digital process automation (DPA) platform for enterprises seeking to rapidly and intelligently create modern process applications, automate workflows and transform their business. With K2, thousands of organizations worldwide and 30 percent of the Fortune 100 have taken control of their business processes to increase visibility and improve operational efficiency. Discover what you can accomplish when you connect your people, processes and applications at k2.com.

[i] Competing in 2020: Winners and Losers in the Digital Economy. April 2017


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