WealthBuilder Investing takes investing and financial planning online

Parsippany, New Jersey, UNITED STATES

“Digital investing and planning with a human touch.”

PARSIPPANY, N.J., Oct. 30, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- WealthBuilder Investing, a new online platform for digital investment advice, has launched today. The service, which is available at www.wealthbuilderinvesting.com, provides personalized digital investment advice to individuals and corporations. The digital and paperless tools offered by WealthBuilder Investing help subscribers of the service select their risk profile as it relates to their financial goals. Upon completion of a no-obligation online profile, users receive an individualized investment portfolio recommendation through a sub-advisory agreement with Betterment for Advisors, a leading digital wealth management platform that provides advisors with the ability to combine robo-advisor technology with their personal touch, based on their unique needs. No minimum investment commitment is required to use WealthBuilder Investing. The platform also offers digital tools to easily fund and track financial goals.

Tailored to individual investment needs, WealthBuilder Investing makes receiving investment advice simple through Betterment for Advisors’ (B4A) digital process and provides easy to understand information. B4A’s platform is complemented by support from a professional investment team through MRA Advisory Group (MRA), an Independent Registered Investment Advisor. WealthBuilder Investing does not charge trading commissions for transactions. The investment solution is offered at a flat annual fee of 0.65% which is based on account balance, billed quarterly on assets under management in arrears.

“WealthBuilder Investing is the happy medium between robo-investing and personalized advice provided by a fiduciary investment advisor,” said MRA CEO, Marco Lima, CFP®. “In today’s world, business is being conducted increasingly online and clients are looking to have their personal finance needs met conveniently, efficiently and with the use of the best technology. By offering an automated digital investment and financial planning service through Betterment for Advisors, backed by personal support from our experienced advisors, we can offer investment advice that seeks to maximize returns based on varying risk profiles and needs.”

WealthBuilder Planning, the platform’s accompanying free self-guided financial planning tool, allows users to sync external accounts to consolidate all financial information and get a clear overview of their finances. This makes financial planning even easier and users can set goals and track progress made against them.

Individuals seeking one-on-one Private Wealth Advice can do so via a customized subscription service, accessing all the benefits of WealthBuilder Investing while working with a dedicated Private Wealth Advisor through MRA. Private Wealth Advice subscription service fees are based on individual situations and start at $49/month. Private Wealth Advice services may include financial planning, tax advice and preparation, comprehensive guidance in planning life events such as retirement, inheritance or estate planning, as well as advice on outside accounts such as 401ks, 403bs, stock options and executive benefits arrangements.

About WealthBuilder Investing

WealthBuilder Investing is a digital investing and planning solution tool based on an individual’s unique financial needs. It offers easy to understand and personalized financial advice based on a sub-advisory agreement with Betterment LLC, so that anyone can figure how much they can invest, where to do it and what kind or risk portfolio to take on. Visit www.wealthbuilderinvesting.com 

About MRA Advisory Group (“MRA”)

MRA is an Independent Investment Advisory firm that employs comprehensive financial planning and risk management strategies as core principles of its advisory process. Visit www.mraadvisory.com

About Betterment for Advisors

Betterment for Advisors is a leading digital-first wealth management platform. By combining our robo-advisor technology with an advisor's personal touch, we are reimagining what's possible in wealth management. Our automated, tax-efficient portfolio management, paperless back office, and intuitive user experience empower advisors to grow their businesses and build deeper client relationships. Hundreds of firms trust Betterment for Advisors to custody and manage client assets. For more information visit www.advisors.betterment.com.


Patricia Baronowski-Schneider
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