Plico Biotech Wins “Best in Show” at 1st Pitch Life Science Competition

Scotch Plains, New Jersey, UNITED STATES

NEW YORK, Oct. 31, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Mid Atlantic Bio Angels (MABA) announces today that Plico Biotech (, which is developing biotherapeutic drugs for the treatment of frontotemporal dementia (FTD), was named “Best in Show” by the audience at MABA’s 1st Pitch Life Science event held on October 18, 2018 at the Weill Cornell Medical Center in New York City.

“We were thrilled to hear that we were selected to participate in the 1st Pitch Life Science event organized by Mid Atlantic Bio Angels.  It was a fantastic learning experience,” said Luana Fioriti, CEO of Plico Biotech.  “The feedback from the audience was extremely valuable and the coaching program leading to the pitch has helped us tremendously to communicate the value of our venture in a more effective way.  Thank you MABA team!”

In FTD patients, the Tau protein forms clumps in neurons, which leads to deterioration and death.  Plico Biotech is developing Small Ubiquitin-like Modifier (or SUMO) protein mimetics to boost a natural process already in place in neurons enhancing their ability to break up and clear these clumps and thus to protect themselves from the toxicity of the clumps. The successful development and commercialization of the company’s product could create a paradigm shift in the treatment of FTD patients, which would greatly improve their quality of life and significantly reduce their economic burden.

“I was impressed that Plico has found a way to create a biomimetic compound, like insulin for diabetes, that replicates a depleted molecule found in the brain,” said Daniel Rothman, MABA member and investor and one of the coaches/panelists.  “Early testing in animal models indicates that their solution restores cognitive function, and if these effects can be replicated in humans suffering from neurodegenerative diseases, it has the potential to become a revolutionary therapy.”

“Plico appears to be pursuing a novel, but scientifically plausible approach to combating neurodegeneration.  In addition to clearly presenting their scientific thesis, they provided a credible business case for the commercial value of their work. If their results continue to support this thesis, the technology could represent significant investment opportunity,” added Stephen M. Goodman, co-founder of MABA and a partner at the law firm of Pryor Cashman LLP.

About 1st Pitch Life Science
1st Pitch Life Science ( is a program initiated by Mid Atlantic Bio Angels to educate early stage life science and healthcare companies and an audience consisting of life science ecosystem participants about how angel investing works.  Although specific formats vary, at each event at least two early stage companies present a pitch deck and experienced investors provide either one-on-one coaching or direct constructive feedback intended to help the companies improve their chances of getting investment.  The audience members vote on “Best in Show”.  In all cases, the companies receive constructive criticism of the company’s presentation, business model and perceived viability in the market.

About MABA
Mid Atlantic Bio Angels ( is a group of active angel investors, which meets in New York City monthly (except July and August) solely to hear from pre-screened early-stage life science companies. MABA members consist of individuals from Delaware to Massachusetts with significant expertise and experience in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical and healthcare industries, including former and current corporate executives, doctors and Ph.D. scientists with product development backgrounds, successful medical entrepreneurs and analyst/investors focused on life sciences. MABA’s goal is to create an environment where the depth of investors’ knowledge coupled with the pre-screening of presenting companies enhances the potential for meaningful investment.

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