Colonnade BridgePort Becomes First Property Manager in Ottawa with Wired Certified Building

KingSett Capital and Colonnade BridgePort provide value to tenants through digital connectivity

OTTAWA, Oct. 31, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Colonnade BridgePort today announced that 130 Slater Street is Wired Certified Silver, making it the first office property in Ottawa to achieve the international standard of digital connectivity for commercial properties. The 13-storey downtown office building is owned by KingSett Capital and managed by Colonnade BridgePort.

Wired Certification is an internationally recognized standard that proves a commercial building has strong, competitive internet capabilities. WiredScore, the company behind the Certification, assesses commercial buildings internationally to evaluate their internet connectivity with the goal to create a standardized scoring system for use by landlords and tenants. In October 2017, Wired Certification came to Canada using Toronto as its flagship market. Demand from forward-thinking commercial real estate organizations, such as KingSett Capital and Colonnade BridgePort, has seen the certification platform quickly expand across the country into new markets including Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, and now, Ottawa.

While having strong internet connectivity might seem like an obvious building feature in 2018, many offices are still not competitive with the internet requirements of today’s office tenants, and, tenants are losing productivity because of it. 

“Connectivity is no longer a nice-to-have, or an after-thought, but a critical pillar of the office experience for today's businesses. According to a survey from Cisco, businesses lose an average of $100,000 during an hour of internet downtime,” said Arie Barendrecht, CEO of WiredScore. “Selecting an office that doesn't have reliable connectivity is something that no company can afford. KingSett Capital and Colonnade BridgePort have taken proactive measures to ensure that connectivity is not an issue for tenants at 130 Slater Street so that they can focus on growing their business and serving customers.”

130 Slater has achieved the Silver Wired Certification. Highlights from WiredScore’s comprehensive assessment include making multiple secure fibre options available to tenants and empowering them to choose their preferred service provider and secure competitive pricing for high-speed internet; providing capacity for future digital buildouts as technology evolves; and enabling quicker set up time when moving into the building.

“Many of the tenants at 130 Slater Street are from the technology and training sectors, industries that depend on outstanding connectivity,” said Brent Arseneau, leasing manager at Colonnade BridgePort. “As a real estate company, we want to do everything we can to help tenants in our buildings be successful and profitable, and we feel that access to the digital connectivity that they need is a major part of that.”

In addition to 130 Slater Street, Colonnade BridgePort is in the process of attaining Gold Wired Certification at 66 Slater, also owned by KingSett Capital and managed by Colonnade BridgePort.

About WiredScore

WiredScore is the organization behind Wired Certification, the internationally recognized digital connectivity rating system for commercial real estate that helps landlords design and promote their buildings' great digital connectivity to tenants. 

Wired Certification champions cutting-edge technology in commercial real estate by providing the only certification for rating the infrastructure, connectivity and technological capacity of commercial buildings. More than 450MM square feet of commercial real estate in more than 1,700 buildings has been Wired Certified globally including buildings owned by premier landlords such as KingSett, Blackstone, Brookfield, and Hines. International demand for the digital connectivity rating system has seen the company expand operations to the United Kingdom, France, Germany and Canada.

About Colonnade BridgePort

Colonnade BridgePort has built a solid reputation as a full-service real estate investment and management company trusted by clients throughout Ontario. Whether looking to source, develop, manage or lease real estate assets, Colonnade BridgePort works with clients to ensure their asset thesis is strong, clear, realistic – and executed to meet or exceed target returns. Colonnade BridgePort is headquartered in Ottawa with offices in Toronto.

About KingSett Capital

KingSett Capital, Canada’s leading private equity real estate investment business co-investing with institutional and ultra-high net worth clients seeking to provide premium risk weighted returns through its various fund strategies.  Founded in 2002, KingSett has raised $9.8 billion of equity for its Growth, Income, Urban and Mortgage strategies.  Currently, KingSett owns interests in a $13.3 billion portfolio of assets.  KingSett continues to seek further opportunities to invest in a wide range of real estate properties, developments, joint ventures and mortgage lending.


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