Ving CEO Becomes Safety Evangelist Throughout Ohio and Across the Country

Ving CEO Tony DeAscentis has become a prominent figure in the safety circles throughout Ohio because of his active participation in safety-related events and his extensive networking efforts.

Youngstown, Ohio, UNITED STATES

Youngstown Ohio, Oct. 31, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Tony DeAscentis, CEO of Ving, works to share occupational safety training information with industry leaders across the country. Aside from creating awareness with Ving’s safety tips and insights on their company blog, DeAscentis has also made a name for himself in Northeast Ohio and all across the state by presenting his research and valuable insights into modern safety training techniques.

From Cleveland to Cincinnati, Ohio’s safety conferences and leadership workshops have seen a lot of the Ving team this year. DeAscentis explains how modern safety technology can be integrated into any workplace and what kinds of benefits can be expected from the transition.

“While we might be innovators of technology in safety for a living, what really drives our motivation to be in this business is our passion to keep people safe at work and home,” DeAscentis comments. “I’m fortunate that so many organizations welcome us in, to share our team's research and findings on everything from how to build a better safety culture to tech tools in safety. It’s all about spreading the word: the more you adopt a culture on safety, the fewer people get hurt.”

A vital component of any safety program is an understanding of how employees work together on the job, and DeAscentis has demonstrated this through participation in team building workshops and through educational sessions that outline topics such as managing a multigenerational workforce.

DeAscentis and his team can be found all across Ohio as active participants in safety-related events sponsored by organizations across the state:

Earlier this year, DeAscentis served as a guest speaker and moderator for the BuiltWorlds Summit 2018 in Chicago. There, he was recognized as an industry thought leader and served on a panel of industry leaders. Among his other recent appearances where the discussion has been about technology innovation in employee engagement ranging from safety to job-specific instruction to leveraging technology to deliver leadership messages and more were an international webinar session for the Young Presidents Organization Construction Group and appearances on the Louie b. Free Show.

His next appearance will be at the sold-out Venture West Conference in San Francisco, hosted by BuiltWorlds. Ving’s advanced microburst technology was selected for a demo presentation at the exclusive, invitation-only event in Silicon Valley, which connects leading investors with the hottest startups across the country.

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