Heritage Music Group (HMG) Widens Entertainment Industry Footprint By Launching Seven New Creative Divisions

On the heels of his Five Grammy debut, Jovan Dawkins continues to elevate Heritage Music Group’s creative impact across all entertainment platforms

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 01, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Fresh from Heritage Music Group’s staggering five-Grammy debut at the 2018 Grammy Awards, Founder and driving force behind HMG, Jovan Dawkins, is proud to announce the launch of seven full-service divisions operating under the Heritage Music Group umbrella.

While HMG’s already established Publishing division was the force behind the remarkable Grammy debut, Jovan and his team of creatives have added full-service Music, Production, Studio, Tech, Marketing, and Purpose/Cause divisions to HMG’s suite of services and platforms.  

HMG’s Music Division is one of the most dynamic new developments for Jovan’s team. Aligned with powerhouse distribution partner, Universal Music Group Distribution, HMG’s Music Division is comprised of a full-service label for marketing and promotion, an entire faith-based arm featuring the most prominent artists in the genre, a legacy artist arm for legends throughout history, and a new artist arm breaking the legends of tomorrow.

HMG’s CEO, Jovan Dawkins, said, “It is pure heart, soul, and passion that drives every drop of energy that fuels Heritage Music Group’s artists and projects across the board. Having an opportunity to expand the ways we can share that pure passion and energy across platforms is what makes our brand, vision, and sound one-of-a-kind.” Dawkins continued, “while the past year has brought unimaginable success to the entire HMG family, what we are building with our HMG expansion is intended to share that joy and success with new audiences, new artists, new brands, and most importantly, those in need of a helping hand.”

As this new chapter unfolds, each division has already hit the ground running. The HMG Production Division is already recognized as one of the most potent production forces in the industry today with Jovan and HMG currently celebrating 6 number one (#1) records this year alone. Working closely with the Production Division is HMG’s Studio Division, which is growing rapidly with more rooms being added by the day. Each room is equipped with the most powerful tools and teams in the industry today.

HMG’s new Film Division is preparing to announce one of the most profound biopics to hit the industry since “Ray”, and is already hard at work on several scoring and production projects in 2018. Working closely on the production side is HMG’s Tech Division, which helps incubate developing tech-driven projects, while establishing creative platforms where the new HMG tech can make an immediate impact.

As HMG’s Marketing Division has already made quite an impact throughout the music industry, Jovan and his HMG team have been contributing to the development of new campaigns for brands like Microsoft and Beats for many years. While Marketing is a powerful force, it is the Purpose/Cause-driven Division that incorporates the most emotionally charged projects designed to give back to the community and beyond. While Jovan and his team have been rewarding audiences with hits, it is the current cause driven projects that will create and inspire meaningful change.

As Jovan Dawkins and the Heritage Music Group continue to change the music industry for the best, it is the teams and projects behind each of HMG’s new divisions that will change virtually everything in entertainment for years to come.

For more information about Jovan Dawkins, HMG, or emerging projects, contact Jed Wallace at jed@streetrelations.com.

About Heritage Music Group (HMG)
Originally founded and entirely self-funded by Jovan Dawkins in 2010 as Impact Music Group, Heritage Music Group (HMG) evolved into a dynamic publishing company with a critical mission -- preserve and create great music, support songwriters and producers by providing them with the tools and resources necessary for monetizing their music and vision, and incubate great minds and ideas across all platforms.

Jovan Dawkins and HMG impacted the industry immediately by taking home 5 Grammys in 2018. As word of HMG’s success spread, Jovan recognized the need to add several new dimensions to the original HMG footprint. With the addition of Production, Studio, Tech, Marketing, and Purpose/Cause divisions to HMG’s suite of services and platforms, HMG has become the ultimate destination for projects, brands, and artists ready to outwork the competition and create meaningful change across the board.

Jed Wallace