The AF Cyber Talent Management Project Welcomes Industry Participation

Colorado Springs, Colorado, Nov. 06, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Air Force CyberWorx is hosting the Air Force Cyber Talent Management (#AFCTM) project on January 22nd – 25th, 2019 in its design studio at the US Air Force Academy. The project will involve non-military participants and interested professionals in cyber or HR are invited to apply.

“The ability to hire and retain cyber professionals is the cornerstone of the Air Force’s ability to successfully utilize cyber effects on the battlefield,” said Lt. Col. Mike Helgeson, Deputy Director for AF CyberWorx. “Our aim with this design sprint is to find ways to improve the overall retention rate within the cyber field to better the Air Force.” 

The Air Force is challenged with keeping skilled individuals in cyber-related career fields in the Air Force. However, the high numbers of cyber professionals transitioning suggests that jobs in commercial organizations are often more appealing. The Air Force wants to learn how it can give its cyber professionals a desirable and fulfilling place to work and develop their careers. 

The project will take the form of a design sprint: a four-day workshop event where a mix of military and industry people work together to find solutions to a problem. The sprint uses human-centered design, a problem-solving process that emphasizes the end-users. It asks, “Is this a solution that people want to use? Will it meet the needs of the people using it?” 

The AF Cyber Talent Management project will build off a previous project hosted by AF CyberWorx. In the Cyber 21st Century Training Model Design Sprint, government and industry participants looked at how the Air Force could create a better training model for cyber professionals. Participants in the upcoming #AFCTM project will look at how the Air Force can better manage a career life-cycle. 

Cyber and IT professionals, along with HR leaders, are encouraged to apply to participate in the sprint with AF Cyberworx. These participants will provide insight on how commercial industry attracts and retains talent. Being a part of the sprint will give attendees a chance to network, learn human-centered design, and develop relationships with Air Force personnel that can support future collaborations. 

If you are interested in the #AFCTM project and want to apply or learn more, go to The application deadline is January 10th, 2019.


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Industry partners, Air Force Cadets and Air Force officers work together to innovatively solve difficult design problems at AF CyberWorx at the US Air Force Academy.

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