Mobile Helix Announces LINK In-app Word Comparison with compareDocs from DocsCorp

The LINK app provides secure document comparison for mobile professionals

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., Nov. 06, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --  Mobile Helix, the makers of the LINK encrypted app for lawyers, will demonstrate their new integration with compareDocs from DocsCorp at the NetDocuments ndElevate 2018 Conference, in Park City, UT, November 4th – 8th.

“Legal professionals need to review documents carefully and safely, anytime and anywhere,” said Mobile Helix CEO and Co-founder, Seth Hallem. “Using LINK with compareDocs in-app, lawyers can generate precise and comprehensive document comparisons between document versions, or between email attachments and DMS documents with just a few taps. With the LINK secure container, sensitive data stays safe at all times while providing lawyers with the tools to annotate, edit, and share document redlines and revisions.”

Advantages of compareDocs Integration with LINK

  • End-to-end document comparison workflows whether the documents are in DMS, email, or other file storage systems
  • Delivers the same market-leading technology used globally by thousands of law firms but this time embedded directly and securely inside LINK
  • The compareDocs engine catches every change, every time, including every insertion, deletion, or move when comparing Word documents
  • Compares documents natively, which produces a faster, more accurate result
  • Displays a concise summary of all changes to quickly see how much has changed and, if available, who made those changes
  • Documents never touch the Cloud

“The combination of our compareDocs application embedded in the LINK app changes the game for secure, mobile document comparison,” said Dean Sappey, President and Co-founder of DocsCorp. “Lawyers must have secure Word comparison to be able to work from smartphones and iPads. We are delighted to partner with Mobile Helix to provide this functionality and help deliver even more innovation to their impressive technology.”

LINK is a secure container app which encrypts and manages sensitive firm data, while providing an easy single-app experience for lawyers. LINK is integrated with NetDocuments® and iManage Work® DMS. Firm data is always encrypted, at-rest with AES-256, and in-transit with TLS over HTTPS. The LINK app may be remotely wiped. LINK’s mobile DLP filters metadata and keywords/patterns. LINK offers optional integration with Azure AD Information Rights Management to protect document rights.

About Mobile Helix™

Mobile Helix, Inc. ( is the maker of the LINK app. LINK gives mobile professionals an intuitive, single app experience for working with documents, email, and the intranet while ensuring the security of firm data.

Media contact:
Maureen Blando
President & COO
Contact at mobilehelix dot com