Junction Capital launches the world’s first online wholesale cannabis brokerage service

Toronto, CANADA

TORONTO, Nov. 07, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Junction Capital is excited to announce Canada’s first online brokerage service for wholesaling cannabis products from Licensed Producer to Licensed Producer. The Junction Capital model will create a market clearing for cannabis products, flower, oil, extracts, trim, and more as the space adapts and conforms to customer demand and government regulation. The service will be anonymous for Licensed Producers, with only the products being sold shown. Settlements will be processed through Junction Capital’s banking partners.

“Junction Capital will satisfy the demand for a best in class fintech solution,” said the company’s Founder & CEO, Red Weiss. “We are ready to launch the beta version of our proprietary cannabis commodities trading system and we are actively recruiting licensed producers to participate.”

The platform will initially be a straight buy-and-sell and long-term contract clearing house but will add futures trading and other traditional features of a commodities market as the sector develops. Currently, Junction Capital is in discussions with eleven (11) Licensed Producers wanting to take advantage of the closed beta. Junction Capital is also considering strategic partners in the Financial Sector to handle the clearing of the funds when the system goes live.

Junction Capital is already working with various Licensed Producers to handle supply and demand issues through short and long-term supply agreements across Canada in a direct manner. The company decided to launch the online brokerage because of the increasing need for an efficient and anonymous trading platform to manage supply and demand imbalances.  

“Through our extensive work in helping Canadian licensed producers deal with supply and demand challenges, we quickly realized the need for an online platform to make the cannabis trading process more efficient, seamless and anonymous,” added Weiss.

Junction Capital will soon look to partner with prominent seed-to-sale software developers in the cannabis industry with existing infrastructure to track, manage, package, and sell cannabis products in an efficient and compliant manner.

Licensed producers that would like to participate in the beta program, have supply or demand challenges, or want to be considered for partnership, should contact: brokerage@junction.capital.

About Junction Capital

Junction Capital is a private equity, strategy, and design firm specializing in the intersection of cannabis and commerce. Our unique distillation and dissemination of the market puts us at the forefront of the market’s infancy. What we’ve quickly come to realize is that the market needs a brokerage service not to control, but to efficiently commodify a tempestuous new space.

Media Contact:

Red Weiss, CEO
C: 437-488-6969
E: red.weiss@juction.capital

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