vCom Delivers Deeper IT Spend Visibility in its Most Recent Mobile App 6 Release

San Ramon, California, UNITED STATES

vCom’s Mobile App 6 Extends and Enhances Enterprise-Wide Ability to Manage IT Spend On-the-Go

SAN RAMON, Calif., Nov. 07, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- vCom Solutions, a leader in IT spend management software and managed services releases its latest mobile app — vManager for iOS and Android. The vManager Mobile App 6 release offers IT managers and leaders the benefits of increased visibility and productivity to manage their IT environment. Taking enhancements from vCom’s most recent vManager 11 software platform, the mobile app puts the power of managing IT assets and services into your pocket.  For anyone managing their enterprise technologies, the vManager Mobile App is a must have for active IT leaders on the move.

vManager Mobile App 6 holds more information than ever before with greater functionality, helping IT leaders gain access to valuable data with deeper insights into their network performance, assets, contracts, services and more. A major enhancement includes visibility into your bandwidth with utilization charts to ensure 100% uptime for critical services. Another attractive feature is the new interface with user-friendly color-coded menus and icons that are easier to navigate, more intuitive and clear to understand. A new customized dashboard leverages the latest vManager 11 upgrades, giving users command of relevant and actionable metrics most valuable to them.

In addition, a newly built-in Google-like search function assists with immediate access to your data to monitor costs, track assets, place, approve and locate orders and tickets. Other improvements in the app include better usability within the login screen such as face and touch ID, and user name defaults for iPhone X users. The app continues to provide automated workflows, including electronic approval for contracts directly from any mobile device.

vCom was one of the first IT lifecycle management services companies to launch a mobile app for IT spend management.  The vManager Mobile App release 6 marks the sixth year of the product, developed with the goal of providing busy decision makers more access, control and visibility to manage their IT environment while on the go.

“vCom has made it possible to not have to staff or have a full staff of people that can actually generate reports, that can actually drive and analyze our spend to forecast, to be more efficient, to do things of that nature,” stated Jorge Alonzo, VP Infrastructure of loanDepot. “I think our ability to report quickly on inventory to manage from top to bottom without necessarily adding the headcount is extremely, extremely important for us to have,” Jorge continued.

“As one of the first IT spend firms to build a mobile app for our industry, I am proud of how our software and app has evolved over time, improving as we learn more about our customer’s needs and desires for more efficient IT spend management,” stated Adam Shawley, vCom CIO.

Highlights of vManager Mobile App 6

  • Network Bandwidth Utilization – Drill into and view your utilization trends across all vCom-managed services
  • Streamlined Menu – new icons in the main navigational menu to improve user experience and clarify represented modules, such as shop, orders and more
  • Customized Dashboard – gives users command of relevant and actionable metrics to display that are most valuable to them, based on preferences and roles
  • Global Search – Google-like search to locate inventory, orders, tickets, locations and more quickly
  • Enhanced Login Screen – face and touch ID, user name defaults for iPhone X users

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vCom is cloud-based software and managed services company focused on helping enterprises manage IT spend from procure-to-pay. vCom improves visibility and control within a single software while decreasing expenses for networks, mobile, hardware, cloud and collaboration technologies. To learn more about vCom, visit


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