Cleartronic, Inc’s (CLRI) Subsidiary ReadyOp Communications, Inc. Provides First Responders Vital Real-time Information for Relief and Recovery Efforts During Hurricane Michael


BOCA RATON, Fla., Nov. 08, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ReadyOp Communications, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Cleartronic, Inc. (CLRI: OTCPINK) played an important role for its clients during the Hurricane Michael response and recovery efforts.  Multiple federal, state and local agencies used ReadyOp to prepare for and then respond during and after the hurricane passage.

ReadyOp showed its importance as a unified platform for communication and coordination within and between agencies.  Emergency response teams were formed in unaffected areas of Florida and other states and then deployed to the Florida region damaged by Hurricane Michael.   Multiple agencies from many different states used ReadyOp’s communication and coordination platform to request, deploy and then coordinate the “Incident Management Teams” and other deployed groups.  ReadyOp was used to send emails, texts, conference calls and for radio communications.  Agencies created and used forms within ReadyOp for daily status reporting, asset requests, incident reports, situation reports, mapping, and other activities.  One form, created and posted for requests for assistance, was used over 5500 times by members of the public to request support in locating missing individuals and for requesting emergency medical assistance.

Vital to a fast, effective and efficient recovery, the ability for first responder teams to report the status of persons and care centers from their deployed locations provides important, real-time actionable information in the recovery process.  Even though Hurricane Michael hit the Florida coast almost a month ago, recovery operations continue, and the agencies involved continue to use ReadyOp daily in their activities, communications, and coordination between agencies and locations.

The ReadyOp Software platform makes planning, tasking, communicating and coordinating efforts for responding persons and agencies efficient and effective.  ReadyOp has provided two-way radio interoperability for more than six-years to fire and law enforcement agencies, as well as many local, state and federal agencies. 

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