Iraq War Veteran Awarded Brand New Vehicle Through DrivenToDrive Program


Retired U.S. Army CPT Elena Elwart Needed Automobile to Help Launch Service Dog Program

TrueCar, AutoNation, DAV (Disabled American Veterans), and Team Red, White & Blue partnered on vehicle donation

AUSTIN, Texas, Nov. 08, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Today, TrueCar and AutoNation donated a Chevrolet Traverse to retired Army Capt. Elena Elwart at a special event held at the AutoNation Chevrolet dealership in Austin, Texas.

The vehicle donation marked the second year, and third donation, of the DrivenToDrive program, a partner program between TrueCar, DAV (Disabled American Veterans) and Team Red, White & Blue. DrivenToDrive was created to help injured veterans regain the freedom they’ve fought and sacrificed to provide for their fellow citizens by helping them get back behind the wheel of vehicles.

Deployed in Iraq as part of a military vehicle maintenance team, Elwart was medically discharged due to a back injury in 2012. During her recovery, she was unable to drive intermittently due to pain, discomfort, and PTSD, but service dogs critically aided in her recovery.

“Having a service dog for me, because that’s how I got started, probably saved my life in many ways. I don’t know where I would be without my little service dog. With her help I was able to get out in public again and I want to be able to provide that for other veterans.”

Elwart aims to start her own program that helps injured veterans have easy and affordable access to service dogs, to help their recovery process. She plans to use the new Chevrolet Traverse to launch her service dog program, by transporting dogs to visit veterans in Florida.

“AutoNation is honored once again to partner with TrueCar and their DrivenToDrive program in recognizing U.S. Army CPT Elena Elwart for her service and presenting her with a brand new Chevrolet Traverse,” said Marc Cannon, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer for AutoNation.

In addition to Elwart and her family, the event was attended by AutoNation Chief Marketing Officer Marc Cannon, DAV Former National Chaplain Charles Edwards, Team RWB Chief Advancement Officer Megan King and TrueCar CEO Chip Perry.

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