Byzen Digital Announces Commercial Relationship with Strategic Long-Term Investment Partner, The Axiom Partnership

Axiom is Allocating $10.0 Million for Investment

NEW YORK, NY, Nov. 12, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via NEWMEDIAWIRE -- Byzen Digital Inc. (OTC Pink: BYZN) (“Byzen” or “Company”) a company in the technology sector who, along with their new partner, Axiom Partnership, will become an acquisition vehicle for other technology ventures, today announced that after a lengthy negotiation process it has appointed The Axiom Partnership at its Strategic Investment Partner. The formation of this partnership will now allow Byzen to move forward with due diligence on its targeted pipeline of companies for potential acquisition.

A number of companies have been identified by Byzen Digital and The Axiom Partnership as prospective acquisitions and will now undergo a thorough audit to ensure that those selected for additional consideration meet the Company’s strict criteria. Criteria for acquisition include a scalable market opportunity, mass market appeal and/or application and full security of the Intellectual Property of the business and personnel. The Axiom Partnership will offer its opinion and commercial experience to develop a global portfolio of profitable emerging and disruptive technology companies. It plans to underpin this strategy by allocating up to $10.0 million to complete acquisitions over the next 2 years.

Chris Percy CEO commented, “For the past 12 months Byzen Digital has been looking for guidance and support to help secure its long-term future in the technology sector, which is both innovative and challenging. We have now concluded this search and I am extremely excited to announce The Axiom Partnership as our preferred commercial partner. With Axiom, we are now in a stronger position than we have ever been and can finally commence Due Diligence on all of our potential acquisition targets.”

“In addition, we look forward to welcoming a member of Axiom to our Board of Directors.  We expect to appoint additional new directors in the coming months as we intend to build a strong Board that can advise us through this potentially strong period of growth over the next two years with our new partner, Axiom,” concluded Mr. Percy.

About The Axiom Partnership
The Axiom Partnership exists to develop its equity portfolio of active and passive holdings in some of the world's most innovative businesses. Working as a central proponent mechanism, the Axiom team cultivates a free flow of knowledge and expertise between associated enterprises ensuring high levels of success in far shorter time frames.
Assembling projects that can co-operate and interlink in pursuit of their individual goals, Axiom can facilitate the free flow of skills and strategic partners as well as required funding.
The company aims to reach a global customer base via a wide-ranging selection of operations in varying linked sectors. Through continuous technological upgrading and persistent innovation, Axiom harbours an ethic of continual improvement for its customers, partners and shareholders alike.

Projects are identified by their use, or potential use of technology based protocols. A blend of projects with high and low technology enable us to capitalise on new integration in under developed sectors.

Axiom recognises emerging technology markets and blockchain technology as ideal sectors for developing new profitable business with an established culture of innovation and a disruptive attitude toward the current status quo.

Consequently, their current projects are intrinsically linked to these sectors of industry via either funding or technology, offering unique technology innovation to the market or a blockchain based technology to the masses. For more information go to: 

About Byzen Digital Inc. 

Byzen Digital is a recently listed player in the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency trading market place. The company intends to bring greater simplicity, efficiency and security of this relatively new technology to the widest possible audience, through a number of innovative solutions and partnerships, all providing step-by-step education as part of the customer journey. 

Byzen Digital, through its Management team, is well networked and connected into the world of Global Payments and Blockchain. The company is well equipped to deliver against both their short terms goals as well as mid-term ambitions to become the “go-to” company for Corporate, Financial Institutions and Retailers for all of their future Blockchain needs. For more information go to:

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