The Best Hoverboard Black Friday Deals for 2018: Consumer Walk Reviews Self Balancing Scooter Deals

What are the best hoverboard deals for Black Friday 2018? Consumer Walk reviews the best self-balancing scooter deals for shoppers.

Consumer Walk have compared the top early hoverboard Black Friday deals to find the best savings for shoppers. Links to the best deals are listed below.

Best Hoverboard Black Friday Deals (2018):

Note: Black Friday sales run for a limited time. Check the Amazon Black Friday page for their full range of live deals.

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Razor, Segway and NHT are popular makers of hoverboards. Battery powered balancing hoverboards come with options like built-in Bluetooth speakers and LED lights. Some are appropriate for commuting while other have larger wheels for off-road use. Hoverboards are now built with UL certified batteries for safety.

Over the last few years Black Friday and Cyber Monday have driven increasing numbers of shoppers to spend record amounts online. The rise of mobile e-commerce is an increasingly important factor in this growth. According to Adobe, 47.4% of online shopping traffic and one third of completed purchases were made on mobiles during Cyber Monday 2017.

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