GE Additive and Vera Secure the Additive 3D Printing Workflow from Design to Print

Palo Alto, California, UNITED STATES

Enabling Dynamic, End-to-End Encryption for 3D Printing, CAD Designs, and Industrial IP Through Technology Integration with Vera’s Next-Generation Data Security

MUNICH, Germany, UK and PALO ALTO, Calif., Nov. 14, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Today GE Additive and Vera, the trusted standard for securing and sharing enterprise data, announced a new technology integration to secure the additive workflow from design to print. With GE Additive and Vera, design engineers can dynamically protect and encrypt their proprietary manufacturing designs before transferring to the next step in their build preparation workflow, or upon final submission to GE Additive printers.

“Today’s additive workflow uses a vast array of unsecured tools, technologies, and formats,” said Lars Bruns, software leader at GE Additive. “To help the industry grow and lower barriers of adoption, we need to drive towards a secure, more integrated workflow that protects design IP from theft or illegitimate use at the point of design. Together with Vera, we’re enabling usability and efficiency from the design creation in CAD tools all the way to the final 3D printed part of a machine.”

Leveraging Vera’s data-centric security combined with GE Additive’s new Build Preparation workflow services, an Additive engineer can secure the entire workflow from design in CAD to printing on GE machines. To enable these capabilities, GE Additive is using Vera’s native SDK to protect sensitive files throughout the entire document and printing lifecycle. This capability can also enable continuous security beyond the build preparation workflow to secure powder and material parameters, machine configurations, part printing, and other sensitive intellectual IP, with end-to-end encryption and advanced data protection.

In September 2017, GE and Vera announced a formal partnership which marked a turning point for Vera to enter new industry verticals and markets. Over the last year, GE has been using Vera’s security platform to protect the company’s intellectual property as it moves through the world. Because Vera’s dynamic security controls travel with the data itself, access to design files can be revoked instantly, protecting sensitive manufacturing designs at the source.

The partnership between GE Additive and Vera enables both current and future roadmap implementation opportunities for customers including:

  • Security at inception – Encrypt sensitive manufacturing designs at the point of creation and as they move through GE’s printing workflow
  • Always-on encryption – Dynamic encryption travels with designs everywhere, so there’s no need to rely on secure storage systems
  • Granular visibility with centralized control – Full data visibility and reporting to understand how content is used, by whom, and proactively investigate unauthorized access attempts with detailed reports for SOC
  • Real-time policy enforcement – Revoke access instantly from any individual, group, device, or location

“Being the first to bring secure 3D printing to market marks a seminal moment for Vera,” said Carlos Delatorre, CEO of Vera. “GE Additive has elevated the state-of-the-art of manufacturing with its 3D printing techniques and together, we are ensuring that technology is fully secure. 3D printing changed the face of manufacturing by putting the power to manufacture even the most complex designs in the hands of almost anyone, but that power comes at the cost of risking billions of dollars intellectual property from design to production. Our announcement today mitigates that risk dramatically and helps secure the overall workflow.” 

For more information on our new 3D protections with GE Additive, get in touch here. And, if you’re a business that designs, builds and manufactures complex products and needs to protect innovative ideas, check out our Manufacturing Guide to Data Security.

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