Barefoot Networks to Present at P4 2018 China Summit

Leading Technology Companies Gather Together to Showcase the Benefits of P4-programmability

BEIJING, Nov. 14, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Barefoot Networks, a provider of high-performance and fully programmable networking solutions, today announced its participation in P4 2018 China Summit, an event that brings internet technology leaders, networking equipment manufacturers, and researchers to discuss programmable forwarding plane devices and the application of P4 language to the networking industry. This year’s event features speakers from Alibaba, Arista Networks, Baidu, Barefoot Networks, Cisco Systems, Jiangsu Future Network Innovation Research Institute, JDCloud, New H3C Group, Tencent, UCloud, UnionPay, Xilinx and the Chinese government’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

What: P4 2018 China Summit will mark the third event since debuting in 2016, and convene technologists and executives from the networking industry in China, who will present various solutions and use cases, such as Tencent’s and Baidu’s network programming practices, that are realized by utilizing P4 and P4-programmable devices and systems. This event is organized by SDNLAB. To register and for more information:

P4 (Programming Protocol-independent Packet Processors) is a programming language that allows software developers to design and describe packet-forwarding. The P4 community is growing rapidly with more than 1,500 developers and thousands of commits to P4-based projects and repositories. The P4 programming language is supported globally by a group of more than 100 leading organizations including Alibaba, Arista, AT&T, Baidu, Barefoot Networks, Cisco, Google, FOX, Huawei, JDCloud, Kaloom, Microsoft, Net One Systems, SDNLAB and others. More on P4 can be found at

Why: P4 2018 China Summit is the premier event for the industry to gain insights into how P4 programming language, P4-programmable target devices, and the thriving P4 community are transforming the networking infrastructure in China.

Who: P4 2018 China Summit will feature leaders from the companies and organizations in the networking industry that are taking advantage of P4, including:

  • Haiyong Wang, Senior Director Infrastructure Service, Alibaba; presenting “Application of Programmable Chip in Alibaba Network”
  • Huicheng Chi, Engineering Manager of Greater China, Arista Networks; presenting “Arista and Barefoot Creating a Programmable Road for Network Chips”
  • Yongxin Cui, Chairman of the Technical Committee for System Department, Baidu; presenting “Network Programming—Baidu’s Practice”
  • Nick McKeown, Chief Scientist, Chairman, Co-founder, Barefoot Networks and Professor Stanford University; presenting “SDN and Programmable Switches”
  • Changhoon Kim, CTO of Applications, Barefoot Networks; presenting “Advanced P4 Applications—Networking and Beyond”
  • Thomas Scheibe, Vice President, Cisco Systems; presenting “Programmable Cloud Infrastructure”
  • Yunjie Liu, Dean, Jiangsu Future Network Innovation Research Institute; presenting “Future Network Development Trend and Outlook”
  • Qingming Fu, Vice President JDCloud
  • Steven You, Co-president, New H3C Group
  • Quan Wen, Head of DC Network, TEG, Tencent; presenting “The Practice, Exploration, and Prospect of Programmable Chips at Tencent”
  • Liang Xu, Head of Virtualized Network, UCloud; presenting “Application of Programmable Switch in UCloud Public Cloud Network”
  • Yongkai Zhou, Special Researcher, China, UnionPay; presenting “Architectural Outlook of Programmable Switch and Distributed Clusters”
  • Jiayou Zong, System Architect, and Strategic Marketing, Xilinx; presenting “Xilinx P4 Compiler and Applications (Telemetry, OvS)
  • Xinsheng Zhang, Secretary General Communications Science, and Technology Committee, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology

Barefoot Networks will be demonstrating multiple solutions showcasing the benefits of P4-programmability using Barefoot Tofino-powered systems, P4 Studio, and Deep Insight. The demonstrations will feature Cisco’s Nexus 34180YC systems running Barefoot SPRINT feature and Deep Insight providing visibility and analytics. Other demonstrations showcase the benefits of P4-programmability to hyperscale data centers, professional network media, next-generation service providers and enterprises.

When:Nov. 15, 2018; 8:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m.
 Opening remarks will begin approximately 9 a.m.
Where:Crown Plaza Beijing Zhongguancun, Chaoyang, Beijing 
 106 Zhichun Rd, ShuangYuShu, Haidian Qu, Beijing Shi, China, 100086

Contact: Reporters interested in attending and interviewing Barefoot Networks may contact                  

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About Barefoot Networks
Barefoot Networks launched in 2016 after two years of developing technology that built switch silicon with a forwarding plane that is defined in software while not compromising on performance. Barefoot empowers network owners and their infrastructure partners to design, optimize, and innovate to meet their specific requirements and gain competitive advantage. In combining the P4 programming language with fast programmable switches, Barefoot has also created an ecosystem for compilers, tools, and P4 programs to make P4 accessible to anybody. Barefoot Networks is headquartered in Silicon Valley and is backed by strategic investors including Alibaba, Dell Technology Capital, Google Inc., Goldman Sachs Principal Strategic Investments, Hewlett Packard Pathfinder, and Tencent, and by premier venture capital firms including Andreessen Horowitz, Lightspeed, and Sequoia Capital. For more information, visit

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