LieberLieber draws on AIT´s safety & security co-engineering

LieberLieber, Austrian specialist in model-based systems development, expands into the Canadian automotive market.

Vienna (OTS) – Tuesday, 13 November 2018: Increasingly complex networking and digitalisation demand new approaches for the efficient development of software systems. New specifications for networked system availability and security in particular present manufacturers with new challenges in systems development. Specialising in model-based systems design, software engineering company LieberLieber ( has created special solution modules for the Enterprise Architect development environment from Sparx Systems (, which is widely-used in the automotive field. LieberLieber draws on expertise and technology from the AIT Austrian Institute of Technology in order to integrate both safety (high standards of operational reliability) and security (protection from cyber-attacks) in system design from the outset.

LieberLieber relies on AIT know-how to conquer the Canadian automotive market

AIT has developed a special model-based mutation testing tool, MoMuT, which uses system descriptions to easily and automatically generate test cases in order to ensure correct system behaviour (safety), optimal performance, and top-level security against potential external manipulation. In order to achieve these goals, AIT has developed a novel threat modelling method for the protection of cyber-physical systems based on a constantly updated and maintained threat database. This threat modelling is incorporated into the cyber security modelling offered by LieberLieber, thus substantially reducing the development costs for complex systems and increasing system quality.

Having already operated in the USA for several years, LieberLieber now plans to expand its activities into the promising Canadian automotive market.

“A key challenge for our business strategy is the constant development and convergence of the worlds of modelling and automation,” says company founder and owner Peter Lieber. “In developing technologies for the future, performance and security all depend on combining methodologies, tools and standards – and this is the goal of model-based system design. Our cooperation with scientific institutes which offer wide-ranging security expertise such as AIT is a vital factor in achieving this goal.”

“The partnership between LieberLieber and AIT demonstrates that close cooperation between technology providers and applied research can lead to new high-tech solutions for the international market, allowing newly emerging requirements to be met as they arise,” says Helmut Leopold, Head of Center for Digital Safety & Security at AIT. “We are delighted that Austria’s leading research organisation for state-of-the-art security solutions can help LieberLieber in its strategy of expanding and increasing export levels.”

About LieberLieber
We are a software engineering company. The know-how of our employees lies in model-based software and system design based on tools such as Enterprise Architect from Sparx Systems.
Our customers are companies that place particular importance on the quality of their software and systems development. They wish to maintain a constant overview of their complex development scenarios while ensuring that security-relevant requirements are clearly represented in models.
For this task we provide our own special tools, such as LemonTree and Embedded Engineer. In addition, we offer a range of useful tool integration services to help make our customers' development processes more productive.
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About AIT
The AIT Austrian Institute of Technology is committed to developing new methods and tools designed to enhance the security of networked critical digital infrastructures. AIT has gained extensive expertise in the safety and security design of model-based system applications, making it a highly sought-after technology partner and centre of excellence for the international industry in fields such as industry 4.0 or autonomous vehicles.
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