Kanguru Launches Largest Capacity USB Flash Drive With Physical Write Protect Switch

MILLIS, Mass., Nov. 15, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Kanguru is proud to launch the largest data storage capacity USB flash drive with a physical write protect switch. The Kanguru SS3™ now offers a 512GB capacity drive with generous amounts of data storage space. It is also one of the fastest USB flash drives on the market making it ideal for storing tons of music, photos, videos or any other large files you want to transfer quickly.

High Capacity, Quality and Speed

The Kanguru SS3 flash drive pushes the envelope with superb quality, high-speed, and now with the highest capacity.  The addition of the 512GB capacity drive makes the Kanguru SS3 an enormous data storage option for the most copious user. The flash drive housing is made of durable, high-strength aluminum giving it a fine feel for years of long-term use.  The SuperSpeed USB3.0 interface is equally impressive for transferring data at lightning speeds.  It also maintains backward compatibility with USB2.0 so that it can be used on nearly any computer.

Physical Write Protect Switch

Kanguru is one of the only manufacturers of USB flash drives to provide a physical write protect switch option on most of their flash drives. This great convenient feature provides users with the ability to make the flash drive “read only,” protecting the drive from being written to.  This is a great advantage for protecting data on the drive from accidental overwriting or deleting files, or to use on a computer that might be suspected of containing a virus. When the user is ready to write to the flash drive, they can simply flip the physical write protect switch back to read/write mode.

If you would like to learn more about Kanguru SS3™ USB flash drives or any other Kanguru product, please call Kanguru at (1) 800-KANGURU, or visit www.kanguru.com.

Kanguru is a global leader in manufacturing high-quality data storage products, providing the very best in military-grade, FIPS 140-2 and Common Criteria Certified, hardware encrypted, secure USB drives and fully-integrated remote management security applications.  Kanguru also manufactures non-encrypted flash drives with a physical write protect switch, duplication equipment for cloning hard drives, SSDs, blu-ray, DVD discs and more.  For more information on Kanguru, please visit kanguru.com.

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The Kanguru SS3 512GB USB flash drive is the world's largest capacity flash drive with a physical write protect switch

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