AgendaZoom, Proof Analytics Team Up to Reveal B2B Event ROI

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NEW YORK, Nov. 15, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Corporations spend a lot of money to sponsor B2B events. Last year, companies shelled out more than $300 billion to sponsor or otherwise participate in industry and professional events around the world. Yet few companies have any reliable readout on the actual business impact or financial value of those event investments.

AgendaZoom, a division of Pop-Up Media, and Proof Analytics are partnering to help sponsors and speakers better understand where they should be making event investments, how much they should be spending, and what their projected ROI is likely to be. In addition to AgendaZoom’s subscription-based offerings, a free version of the Proof PowerROI™ platform will be available through their website, enabling anyone to make basic cause-and-effect calculations using their data. Companies wanting more robust access to Proof can purchase it online through a link on the AgendaZoom site or directly at

“B2B events are proliferating, yet few can prove the business value they deliver to their sponsors and exhibitors,” said Julia Hood, CEO of AgendaZoom, a brand started this spring to help companies shine a bright light on event expense and ROI. “Speakers, sponsors and delegates have been at the mercy of events and awards producers when making decisions about how to invest their time and money. AgendaZoom and Proof have teamed up to provide companies with an independent, computed readout on what their short, medium- and long-term ROI from their event investments actually is. The Proof PowerROI™ platform computes the value of their event investments, how long it takes for events to pay off, and how much they should be investing in events versus other marketing opportunities.”

Launched earlier this spring, AgendaZoom was founded by Hood to help clients understand the ROI of trade shows and events. The company is upending the status quo and permanently disrupting the “FOMO mentality” that causes companies to waste money on events that deliver no real ROI, all while overlooking events that can deliver a great deal of provable business value.  AgendaZoom provides an independent and transparent source of information, reviews and analytics about B2B events, starting with marketing and business innovation topics and spreading out into industry verticals. 

Forging an alliance with Proof Analytics, AgendaZoom will not only be evaluating the potential business impact of a particular event, but will also be offering specific analytics for companies, including value assessments based on market position, sponsorship level, and other factors.

Mark Stouse, CEO of Proof, said, “Marketing is under tremendous pressure to prove value. Today, analytics are revealing a lot about the value of B2B events. Marketers can make much better investment decisions today than they could even a year ago. Probably the most powerful insight is that the quality and relevance of speakers really matters. When event producers focus on real innovation and proven expertise to decide who has the opportunity to present on stage, the business value for sponsors and attendees alike skyrockets. In contrast, when anyone with a checkbook can be a thought leader, everyone sees through that. Proof and AgendaZoom are helping marketers make investments that connect with their customers and matter to their businesses.”

About AgendaZoom

Industry events, awards, conferences and festivals are proliferating. AgendaZoom is an independent readout on B2B events, including their cost and their ROI, to help speakers and sponsors better understand where they should be investing and how much.

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Every business wants to know the value of its marketing investments, and every marketing team wants to prove their ROI. Championed by CFOs and progressive CMOs and agencies, Proof transforms common marketing performance metrics into boardroom-ready ROI analytics and predictive attribution.

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