DSG Global Inc. Reports Record Month for Product Installations Worldwide

British Columbia, CANADA

Recent orders and installations in month of October totaled 397 Infinity screens and 105 TAG TEXT screens which included the new 3G TAG

Surrey, British Columbia, Nov. 15, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- DSG GLOBAL INC. (DSGT), the world's leading provider of the patented GPS Golf TAG Management System and on-course media system, announces orders and installations of 397 INFINITY screens at respective golf courses around the world along with 105 TAG TEXT systems.  The new product lineup consists of various, distinctive sizes (7”, 10”, and 12”).  The 12” screen unit is currently accelerating the number of installations and is continuing to see regular orders on the product. Delivery and development is underway with the 7” dash mount and 10” roof mount. The remaining deliveries and installations are expected to be concluded in the next several weeks.

DSG will be introducing a program giving the public a chance to order the single rider RAPTOR golf cart for personal use. Demand has been strong, with over 100 requests during the last 60 days.  As a result DSG has decided to structure a purchase program allowing the customer to place the custom orders with choice of color, accessories, etc. The Raptor Purchase Program (RPP) will be launched within the next 10 days. 

“Our products continue to gain rapid acceptance. With the success of our TAG Management Systems and the expected growth of the RAPTOR golf cart moving forward, we are confident we will hit our revenue goals. Revenue growth has been robust and should continue to accelerate. The company has never had more opportunities within the golf industry than it does now and will likely branch out into other industries during 2019,” said Bob Silzer, CEO for DSG Global, Inc.

DSG Global Inc. manufactures and markets a range of proprietary technology solutions specifically tailored to golf course operations. Learn more about DSGT at http://www.dsgtag.com.

About DSG Global Inc. DSG Global Inc. (DSGT) provides patented electronic tracking systems and fleet management solutions to golf courses that allow for remote management of the course's fleet of golf carts, turf equipment and utility vehicles. Their clients use DSGT's unique technology to significantly reduce operational costs, increase safety, and enhance customer satisfaction. DSGT has grown to become a leader in the category of Fleet Management in the golf industry, with their technology installed in over 15,000 vehicles on more than 250 courses worldwide. DSGT is now aggressively branching into several new streams of revenue, through programmatic advertising, licensing and distribution. DSGT is also expanding into Commercial Fleet Management, and Agricultural applications.

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