Retirement Author Steve Vernon Announces Blog Posting on Five Important Decisions for Boomers with Modest Retirement Savings

OXNARD, Calif., Nov. 15, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Steve Vernon, retirement expert and author of Retirement Game-Changers, announced today the posting of his latest CBS MoneyWatch blog, “Five Key Retirement Decisions for Baby Boomers.”  In his blog, Vernon notes that most older workers don’t have sufficient savings to retire full-time at age 65 under their pre-retirement standard of living, and labels this a game-changing challenge to their financial security, health, and well-being.

“As a result of these challenges, Boomers will either need to work longer, reduce their standard of living in retirement, or some combination. This will create soul-searching for older workers, their families, and their employers,” said Vernon.   His CBS MoneyWatch blog can be accessed here.

To address these challenges, Vernon has drawn from his book the five most important decisions facing Boomers with modest retirement savings:

  1. When to retire, and whether to work part-time in retirement
  2. When to claim Social Security benefits
  3. How to deploy retirement savings
  4. How to choose medical insurance and Medicare options wisely
  5. Which living expenses to reduce

“The period between ages 62 and 70 is the ‘retirement opportunity zone,’” says Vernon. “Careful choices during this time about working longer and squeezing the most out of Social Security and retirement savings has the potential to increase retirement incomes by 60% or more. Boomers can extend their earning years with realistic and potentially fulfilling work strategies, such as downshifting, encore careers, bridge jobs, and the gig economy.”

Retirement Game-Changers is the latest in a series of books written by Vernon.  In his book, Vernon shares strategies that can help these older workers navigate the critical decisions they need to make as they transition from the workplace into retirement. It includes the ground-breaking Spend Safely in Retirement Strategy, which helps Boomers make smart choices for the decisions described above.

This unique book also explores an important aspect of retirement planning that is often overlooked: behavioral economics and psychological strategies that can significantly boost the chances of successful decision-making. Retirement Game-Changers is inviting, not intimidating, and written in an engaging style to encourage readers to persist with their planning.  

Filled with invaluable resources, checklists, and wit, Retirement Game-Changers shares helpful tools and research to help older Americans enjoy a long, healthy, and financially secure life. It also includes tips to help older workers protect against potentially ruinous medical and long-term care costs, enhance their health and longevity, and lead a fulfilling and socially connected life.

For details on Retirement Game-Changers, including endorsements, the table of contents, and a sample chapter, see the book’s website:

About the Author
Steve Vernon, FSA, provides trusted and unbiased guidance on the most challenging financial, health, and lifestyle decisions for retirement. He is a Research Scholar at the Stanford Center on Longevity and writes a regular blog column for CBS MoneyWatch. He’s also president of Rest-of-Life Communications, where he conducts retirement planning workshops and financial education campaigns. For more details on his experience, books, and services, visit Steve’s website at Steve can be reached directly at

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