Nu-Med Plus, Inc. President Helps Lead Call for New Innovation in Inhaled Nitric Oxide Industry

Nu-Med Plus President Jeff Robins published an open letter calling for greater awareness of inhaled nitric oxide to potentially advance treatment options for malaria, COPD, tuberculosis and ARDS

Salt Lake City, Utah, UNITED STATES

SALT LAKE CITY, Dec. 04, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Nu-Med Plus, Inc. (OTCQB: NUMD), a medical device leader developing new nitric oxide delivery technology, released an open letter from Nu-Med Plus President Jeff Robins. In it he writes about the untapped potential of inhaled nitric oxide. When delivered in precise doses, inhaled nitric oxide has already been proven to stabilize blood pressure, open airways, fight infections and blood clots, treat erectile dysfunction and combat aging.

Robins writes about what he sees as a stagnated inhaled nitric oxide industry which he believes has not delivered on the full potential of the life-saving molecule, and “the true potential of nitric oxide has, I believe, been bottled up by one or two major corporations. They demand a premium. Discovery and innovation consequently stagnates. Seven years ago, we decided to change that. We assembled the right team of scientists and researchers. Nu-Med Plus invested in discovering new uses for the healing power of nitric oxide. We patented those innovations, and have several patents pending, to bring those discoveries to new markets. Our strategy is to reduce costs and open new markets.”

The letter, which can be found on the Nu-Med Plus website, ends with a call for collaboration and partnerships to “help us grow to fulfill the vision we all share: to save more lives”.

Nu-Med Plus is currently in the process of FDA approval for three nitric oxide delivery units including a fixed hospital unit, clinical unit, and a portable unit. Nu-Med Plus’ technology is designed to be utilized for a variety of inhaled nitric oxide treatments. For more information please visit Follow Nu-Med Plus on Twitter and LinkedIn for the latest news.

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About Nu-Med Plus, Inc.: Nu-Med Plus, Inc. founded in 2011, is a medical device development company created to explore medical applications of newly developed nitric oxide technologies. The strategy focuses on high growth potential markets where there is a clearly defined need recognized by the medical community that can be addressed by Nu-Med Plus and its technical expertise. Initial research and product development has been in the delivery of inhaled nitric oxide gas for therapeutic use.

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