Mavrck Launches New Brand Safety Capabilities to Measure Risk Factors of Influencer Content

BOSTON, Dec. 05, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Influencer marketing platform Mavrck is launching new brand safety capabilities that help marketers to measure the risk factors of influencer content. Mavrck’s new brand safety tools assess influencer content and identify posts that could negatively impact a brand’s image, offering marketers different content warnings to help inform influencer collaborations. The tools are now available to all Mavrck customers.

“Brand safety is a top priority for every major company right now, and filtering influencer content has to take different levels of risk into account based on each brand’s values and tolerance,” said Lyle Stevens, Co-Founder & CEO of Mavrck. “Mavrck developed an automated way to flag risky content and rate it based on its potential impact on a brand, while also empowering the brand to decide if an influencer is a good fit. We feel that simply removing or hiding influencers who have risky content from our index is not a transparent practice and is a narrow-minded approach to helping brands to create content that consumers trust. We have found that, for some brands, a little risk drives revenue.”

Mavrck’s new brand safety tools provide three types of content warnings:

  • Suggestive Content: Indicates that an influencer has content that could be considered “racy” or “adult” in nature on his/her/their Instagram account.
  • Profanity: Indicates that an influencer uses profane words on his/her/their Instagram account.
  • Violence: Indicates that an influencer has violent content on his/her/their Instagram account. It can also be triggered by content that is medical in nature (e.g., an image of an injury). 

Each of these warnings can have one of four ratings based on the level of risk: High, Medium, Low, or Blank (If there is no warning, nothing will appear in the sidebar when reviewing the influencer’s content on the Mavrck platform). Marketers can use these warnings and ratings to more efficiently determine whether an influencer is a good--and safe--fit for a brand partnership.

Earlier this year, Mavrck expanded its offering to include enhanced methods of measurement and influencer fraud detection. According to a study conducted by Mavrck, brands are spending 11% of their budgets on influencers who have engaged in fraudulent activity, equal to an estimated $264M - $484M in wasted spend during the past year alone. By building out its fraud detection and brand safety offerings, Mavrck continues to lead the charge in the fight against influencer fraud and harmful content.

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About Mavrck

Mavrck is the leading all-in-one, advanced influencer marketing platform enabling companies such as P&G, Godiva, and PepsiCo to harness the power of ideas people trust. Marketers use Mavrck to discover and collaborate with influencers, advocates, referrers, and loyalists to create trusted content and insights for customer journey touchpoints at scale. Using its self-service influencer manager, marketers can take an automated and performance-based approach to influencer marketing.

Founded in 2014, Mavrck is headquartered in Boston, MA, with offices in Denver, CO, has 52 employees, and has raised $13.8M in venture capital. The platform has been recognized for its superior offering by the Shorty Awards and Retail TouchPoints’ Retail Innovator Awards, and was named Best Influencer Marketing Platform by Digiday in 2018.

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 Mavrck Launches New Brand Safety Capabilities

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