LIG Assets, Inc. Announces Asian Carp Beta Testing Results And First Order of 42,000 lbs. of Asian Carp

NASHVILLE, TN, Dec. 07, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via NEWMEDIAWIRE-- LIG Assets, Inc. (OTC PINK: LIGA) (also known as the "Leader in Green Assets" or "LIGA") announces the results of the two tests conducted by LIGA CEO Allan Gillis and LIGA’s partner company LiveStor America regarding the successful catching and transporting of Asian Carp.  These tests focused only on the Silver Carp, which feeds on various types of plankton causing the removal of the food source for native fish species. Each mature female Silver Carp (one-year-old) can produce a million eggs per year.  LiveStor America’s tests were set up with guidance from the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency and the Kentucky Fish and Wildlife Resources Agency which recommended conducting the test program on Lake Barkley in Kuttawa, Kentucky. 

The main issue with harvesting Asian Carp is that they degrade very quickly once they die, which is usually with two hours of gill netting capture. If not processed quickly or packed on ice the carp will spoil quickly and then they are then only fit for sale to the fertilizer industry which is the lowest cost return of all four possible revenue streams.  If the Asian Carp are not in a degraded condition once they reach the fish processing facility they can be used for human consumption such as fish fillets or industrially commercial applications such as fish meal, lobster/ crab bait and fish oil.

The purpose of the following tests were to see if we could keep Asian Carp alive for twenty days to facilitate transport to Asia.  I was advised by our researchers in Canada that, if we could keep the carp alive in the small T-250 pound system for ten days we could likely make adjustments to our larger forty foot live seafood transport sea containers to make this Asian transport possible.

The first test was with industry standard seafood storage crates and the newly released BioNovations Traystor crate using a modified T-250 live seafood holding, biofiltration system.  After ten days, eleven fish of the initial twenty one carp were still alive and all survivors were in the BioNovations Traystor crates. After 14 days the small T-250 system could not handle the ammonia levels and the remainder of the fish in the Traystor crates system died.  According to Lig Assets CEO Allan Gillis this was a not totally unexpected result.

The second test conducted gave the Company the results that LiveStor was looking and hoping for. This test was done using just the Traystor crates with sixteen fish with a constant supply of lake water and the Asian Carp placed in a stack of Traystor crates on the deck of the floating dock. This test lasted 7 days with no mortality, testing was stopped due to time restrictions. This method proved LiveStor America can quickly and safely transport the Asian Carp directly to the processing facilities using the BioNovations Traystor crates.

In essence, the “open-air” method kept the Asian Carp alive and healthy long enough to successfully transport and deliver them literally anywhere in North America, Gillis also stated, “Anyone who knows anything about this industry knows the longer you can keep the fish alive, the more valuable they are.”

What this testing program has proven is that Live Stor America working with Live Ship Ltd. should be able to safely move large volumes of Asian Carp alive for up to ten days. This opens up the transport of Asian Carp from any point in America affected by the invasive species Asian Carp to a central process facility ensuring the highest value for the product.

What we are most excited about is our recent approval from the Department of Fisheries in Canada allowing Live Stor America to import Asian Carp into Canada for Lobster /Snow Crab bait. This invasive species product must be frozen and cut in pieces. The bait industry on the east coast of Canada uses hundreds of millions of pounds of bait per year, and the existing lobster/snow crab biomass of herring and mackerel are in decline due to over fishing and warming water temperatures on the east coast.

Live Stor America this week has ordered its first 53 ft. semi-truck load of 42,000 lbs. of Asian Carp to be shipped to Nova Scotia in late December; 50% of this load is pre-sold to date.

"The testing program in Kentucky enabled me to look at this Asian Carp issue as an outsider who has a vast international subsea construction history and a family history in the fishery business and I came up with some unique methods to remove the Asian Carp using modified industrial-scale fishing methods.  I will provide a video and a podcast later next week which will better explain my thinking," stated Gillis.

Important Note:
LIGA and LiveStor’s CEO Allan Gillis will be creating a video and podcast to discuss in detail the entire process. LIGA will issue a news release in the very near future alerting interested parties the exact time and place the video/Podcast will be made public on the Companies websites.

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The BioNovations live seafood transport container allows Live Stor the ability to ship seafood over long distances and extended periods of time, both over land and sea. Both of BioNovations transport trailers and ocean faring containers minimize carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, resulting in a much lower carbon footprint than traditional methods such as air freight. Up until now live seafood holding and transport systems came with an inherently high mortality rate. BioNovations systems are specifically designed to provide highly controllable environments and have significantly reduced mortality rates associated with long term storage and long haul transport. As a result, the cost of storing and shipping live seafood will greatly reduce loss of life during transport, thereby maximizing the use of the targeted species and increasing the payload.




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