Foresight Research: Planning, Budgeting and ROI of Sponsored Auto Events

Rochester, Michigan, UNITED STATES

ROCHESTER, Mich., Dec. 11, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Clients have been asking for a report that would be specifically designed for the planning and budgeting of sponsored auto events. They say: “There is no data to use to make sure we select events that move the needle - we have to guess at it.” They also say: “What events produce the best ROI?” Here it is, the ink is just now drying.

We interviewed over 5,500 new vehicle buyers who attended and/or watched events on TV or streaming. We asked them about the role played by sponsored events before buying their new vehicle. We know from that - what works, what buyers attended what, what automotive brands most benefited, we know the ROI and how much events influence the purchase decision of a new vehicle. We also measured the value of different levels of activation.

These buyers went to or watched almost 12,000 events. We analyzed them by category of events: entertainment events, sports, auto related events, auto sales events and outdoor events. Then we drilled down to 31 specific types of events – like: car shows, concerts, baseball, boat shows, etc.

Before committing to your event plan and budget, know the answer to questions like:

  • How do I best reach my target buyers?
  • How do I find high value automotive buyers – easy spenders?
  • What brands benefited most from specific events?
  • How is your brand stacking up to the competition?
  • What sponsored events produce the best ROI?
  • What sponsored events reach new vehicle buyers best?
  • Do events produce brand ambassadors?
  • Vehicles on display – is this just fun or does that influence sales?
  • Ride and drives – just giving attendees a joy ride or selling vehicles?

We don’t mess around. The bottom line is purchase influence of sponsored events and “how many cars they sell”. Did you know that classic car shows were the best at selling new vehicles – over 100,000 last year and do you know why and what brands were the best at converting attendees to buyers. Call us – find out.

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