Nativo Deploys AI-Powered Nativo Performance Optimization to Drive Up to 20% Lift in Programmatic Campaigns

Leading native platform leverages years of patented advanced machine learning technology to optimize for engagement and outcomes for all native formats including branded content

LOS ANGELES, Dec. 13, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Nativo, the leading unified technology platform for in-feed and branded content advertising, has launched Nativo Performance Optimization (NPO) for advertisers looking to make creative optimization easier and more effective for their programmatic campaigns. Nativo’s proprietary optimization technology works seamlessly with their platform’s Content Library, to efficiently manage and optimize a much larger combination of native ad creatives than is possible through the DSP alone. Read MarTech Advisor’s story here on Nativo’s recent announcement.

More than 700 top advertisers use Nativo’s platform to manage their branded programs globally, including Mazda, T-Mobile and Ford.

Today, most DSPs such as Google DBM and The Trade Desk that offer native capabilities provide basic features for creative management and optimization pull from traditional display practices, treating ad units as a whole (headlines with images) and typically optimizing towards click performance. Leveraging advanced machine learning, Nativo’s own tools, optimization algorithms, and reporting have been built specifically for native and draw upon deeper domain expertise.

Leveraging years of data and best practices running campaigns across all branded content formats and advertiser KPIs, NPO understands how to optimize the various components of the ad itself as well as considers downstream behaviors from branded content engagement.

It offers advertisers with superior native optimization capabilities to leading DSPs, such as:

  • The ability to optimize for content landing page engagement, including page actions and time-on-content, for native articles.
  • The ability to optimize each asset of a native ad—image, headline, and article content—individually, testing dozens of variations of creative for each ad.
  • The ability to optimize faster than leading DSPs. By being aware of native components, their machine learning algorithms can “learn” more quickly about how asset variations perform with fewer impressions.

As a result, advertisers benefit from a more streamlined setup within their own DSP and Nativo’s Content Library. Because NPO was built to handle unique native execution requirements, its technology allows for accelerated delivery of more relevant and engaging ad variations, and has shown up to 20% lift in programmatic performance from NPO-enabled deals.

“Native ads perform best when you apply intelligent optimization capabilities that can quickly test limitless variations of multiple assets, but this is nearly impossible to do in traditional DSPs,” said Eugene Cherny, VP of Product at Nativo. “For example, at Nativo we recommend testing a minimum of 11 headlines and three preview images to drive the best performance. Before NPO, this would require setting up 33 different creatives in the DSP. This setup isn’t needed with Nativo Performance Optimization, which is why it has become the tool that advertisers rely on to maximize KPIs from their programmatic native campaigns.”

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WIT Strategy for Nativo

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Nativo Performance Optimization powered campaigns drive 20% greater performance compared to DSP creative optimization alone.