Internationally acclaimed expert Dr. Temple Grandin to speak at Inventures 2019

Calgary, Alberta, Dec. 13, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Dr. Temple Grandin, global expert in livestock behaviour and autism advocate, will be the keynote speaker to kick off Inventures 2019 in Calgary June 5-7. Inventures is a global innovation experience hosted by Alberta Innovates to bring together the brightest ideas in data, digital and other emerging technologies that are transforming economies, industries and communities across the globe. 

Dr. Grandin is a best-selling author and a pioneer in improving the handling and welfare of livestock. Her ground-breaking work has become the industry standard for livestock facilities, grazing behaviour and animal welfare practices. Dr. Grandin is also a passionate autism advocate, shaped by personal experience and for which she credits her professional achievements. 

“Dr. Grandin’s world-renowned work offers insight not only for the agricultural industry, but all industries and sectors. Her inspiring story is one that will make us all strive to be more courageous, more determined and more innovative in our own ventures,” said Alberta Innovates CEO Laura Kilcrease.

Inventures is designed to forge new relationships and drive creative collisions among people who will shape the future, here in Alberta and around the world. Inventures opens doors, opens minds and erases boundaries, bringing entrepreneurs and startups together with venture capitalists, angel investors, service providers and thought leaders. Now in its second year, Inventures is gaining global interest as “the” place to be to discover new technologies, markets, capital and customers. 

“We are producing Inventures to connect big ideas with the businesses and backers they need to accelerate their endeavor. By bringing motivated and thoughtful people together in Alberta, we are creating an experience that showcases our expertise in research and innovation. And, we’re demonstrating that our province has the capacity to deliver innovation that can serve global markets,” said Kilcrease.

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