Megaputer Releases New Industry-tailored Sentiment Analysis

Megaputer Intelligence recently released new one-click sentiment analysis modules that are essential for quickly and accurately identifying positive and negative text, specific to different industries.

Bloomington, Indiana, UNITED STATES

BLOOMINGTON, Ind., Dec. 18, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Today, Megaputer Intelligence announced the release of new text analysis features that make it easier to perform industry-specific sentiment analysis within PolyAnalyst™, its advanced analytics software platform for data and text analysis. This new development will help users more quickly detect sentiments expressed in company reviews, product surveys, social media posts, and a wealth of other data sources, to measure satisfaction and identify important trends.

“One of the many challenges analysts and researchers have when trying to accurately capture sentiment is the need to somehow leverage the context around evaluations that are made, without relying on the proximity of words,” said Elli Bourlai, Computational Linguist at Megaputer. “Otherwise, a commonly positive word, such as better, may still be marked positive even when it is actually conveying a criticism, such as in the statement, you’re wrong if you think the pricing is better. Or how the word huge may be positive when talking about TVs, but not necessarily when describing printers.”

The goal of the new sentiment feature is to lessen the labor-intensive work typically involved on the part of analysts, who are trying to tailor the analysis to their own context. Each module provides specific aspects that are relevant to that industry so that users can monitor trends across relevant areas, such as customer service, staff, price, and products. These aspects can show the different ways important topics are described and with what intensity, such as the scored difference between word choices like horrible and bad.

Megaputer’s new modules for sentiment analysis include: Finance, Insurance, Restaurants, and Technology. Additional options for sentiment analysis, such as Hospitality, will be released soon after the new year while others, such as Household Goods, are currently being developed and tested.

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