Apple Rush Company, Inc. updates the purchase and cancellation of billions of shares; CEO/President’s Letter to Shareholders re: Financial Filings and removal of “Stop Sign”

Atlantic Beach, Florida, UNITED STATES

TITUSVILLE, Fla., Dec. 18, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Apple Rush Company, Inc. (OTC PINK:APRU) (the “company”) is very excited to announce that the Stop Sign is off.  Up to date financials are posted, showing the company is building a solid business with potential staying power. 

Tony Torgerud, CEO of Apple Rush Company, Inc. stated, “We have gone from a zero-revenue business with no assets and hundreds of thousands of dollars of liabilities to a revenue producing business with no long-term debt or short-term convertible debt.  This restructuring has taken longer than we anticipated and has cost more than we had budgeted. However, since taking over the Apple Rush brands, securing ownership, and defending the trademark, growing production, adding valuable distribution, effectively reducing the outstanding shares down 16 billion after the Livewire deal paperwork is completed, the management is finally ready for another new chapter of growth.  We anticipate that the final number of outstanding shares will be somewhere below the 5.2B shares disclosed on OTC markets currently.  All of the new issuance of shares has been due to raising capital through friends and family at up to $0.015/share which put cash in our accounts to help us grow while still reducing the number of shares issued.  These shareholders are also long term investors helping to stabilize our capital structure.  We will also make further attempts to negotiate with several other shareholders to reduce holdings and make our capital structure even healthier including our continuing efforts to reduce trading shares through a couple more direct shareholder buybacks that total 200 million shares to be potentially retired to treasury in the coming weeks.  We will announce these deals when finalized and will announce the structures upon closing.  We will also look to raising additional capital through direct investment.

“The Apple Rush brand is strong, the products are great looking, safe, taste great, and moreover the product mix is varied with even more new products in development.  We anticipate that we will be talking to potential partners in the future that will help take Apple Rush completely national and look forward to the future of the brand.  This release clarifies many false reports being circulated online or challenges to the veracity of the company’s reporting by a limited few who seek to mislead the markets.  This brand has stood the test of time, since 1972.  Now, its resurgence will not be ephemeral and thus, the President offers the following letter to investors and shareholders in the Apple Rush brands.  The Apple Rush Company, Inc. also is reminding everyone that its only source of valid announcements will be via Current Reports, official press release, or the official Twitter account @realAPRU_news,” continued Torgerud.

Dear Shareholder:

Thank you for sharing our vision for the Apple Rush Brands and growing our products and markets to include some organic, natural, alcohol, CBD, energy drinks, liquid additives, and chews.  Starting in Chicago back on May 16, 2018, efforts to reshape a new company with a manageable share structure began and despite the typical challenges have continued.  I have finalized the purchase of over 2.5 billion shares of common stock previously issued to the former CEO, Robert Corr, and registered the Apple Rush Trademark ownership via assignment.  These shares were retired and returned to the treasury of the company.  The 5.2B or 20B shares, respectively, which still appear as outstanding on E-trade and other financial information services are incorrect as we have signed deals and completely paid for additional shares that we are in the process of retiring.  These transactions when the paperwork is completed will cause updates to website. 

Again, I thank Mr. Corr for his vision and sustained effort in developing the Apple Rush Brand throughout the years and moving it forward, which we are doing rapidly.  Apple Rush was first introduced in 1972, in California, and has achieved total sales in excess of $100,000,000 USD to date. Our management team believes we can drive sales to reach $100,000,000 in annual sales. The prior announcement of our partnerships with Southern Eagle Distributing, Inc., Champagne Beverages Co., Inc., and North Florida Sales, Inc. not only makes this a realistic goal but a very achievable one.  Our Corporate and Legal Teams continue to work on multiple partnerships and deals regarding our beverage and alternative product lines, which include the dynamic CBD and MMJ products.  We are in an explosive growth curve and have been fielding calls daily from potential business partners. We will continue to announce share reductions as well as new business developments, possibly more this week. Soon we are launching our new website and updated Facebook.  In order to control costs related to information dissemination we ask that you follow us on Twitter at

Today all financials have been reported and brought up to date and our revenue and profits are documented therein.  Certain transactions between the company and wholesalers reflect shares issued relative to dollars invested in our products.  These transactions create a true partnership with our distribution channel that will allow us to grow the company while being aligned with the same long-term goals in mind. We will continue to use incentives to bolster the number of distribution partners we bring on board in our quest to grow into a National brand.  The stop sign has been removed at a time we are ramping up production and look forward to a strong FY2019 when sales and distribution of all product lines, CBD, MMJ, and beverage products will continue on the path set out early in 2018, which lifted shares to over $.06.  Buy the rumor sell the news is not way the company hopes to reward its shareholders, but instead the company seeks fast, constant and steady expansion and growth of an expanding brand.  We have finished our Apple Rush Ultra, sparkling 10% juice, and our hard cider, and flavored malt beverage projects are on track for market introduction for mid-2019, under the tentative trade name "Hard Rush."  The Company's ownership transfer to Southern Eagle, Champagne Beverage, and North Florida Sales, named previously, has been questioned but will become clear as sales of our non alcoholic juices and our new alcoholic beverage products make up the bulk of the Company's projected $100,000,000.00 in annual sales projected pro forma.  Terms of our agreement including getting our financials up to date caused a small delay in the speed of our rollout ultimately protecting all shareholders.

David A. (Tony) Torgerud
Apple Rush Company, Inc.

About APRU, LLC: About The Apple Rush Co., Inc. 

The Apple Rush Company, Inc., through its subsidiary APRU, LLC, is a distributor of cpg products under the trademarked Apple Rush brand and other labels. The Apple Rush brand has more than 40 years of existence in the natural beverage industry. As a historical leader in the organic and natural beverage sector our goal is to also become the leader in the distribution of anhydrous hemp oil products nationwide. For more information, please go to 

About APRU, LLC: APRU, LLC focuses on the development and sales of all natural Apple Rush sparkling juices, and research and development, of premium hemp extracts that contain a broad range of cannabinoids and natural hemp derivatives and other active ingredients such as our exclusive agathos active, kratom, kava, blue lotus, and ginseng. or on Twitter @RealAPRU_News.

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