S.C.M.G. Takes on 2019

New Lenox, Illinois, UNITED STATES

Tinley Park, IL, Dec. 19, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- South Chicago Management Group (S.C.M.G.) just announced this week they have more to bring in 2019. As the 4th quarter of 2018 in nearing, S.C.M.G. is reflecting on their exciting year they have had. Their most recent expansion took place this past October of 2018, where they planted their roots in St. Louis, Missouri. Not only did the company expand into a new territory, but they have seen a promotion out of their local Tinley Park office. Market Manager, Heather Connolly, was promoted to Director of Operations for S.C.M.G.’s expansion office in St. Louis. Heather originally started with S.C.M.G. in December of 2017 after graduating from DePaul University where she focused her education in Business Management. During her time spent at S.C.M.G.’s Tinley Park office, Heather was quickly promoted to Campaign Manager within four short months of working with the team, and soon after to Assistant Director. Heather is excited to take on this opportunity and begin this expansion process throughout the St. Louis area. As 2018 is nearing, S.C.M.G. is preparing for a productive 2019. There is already talk about expansion goals for the first quarter and the Annual R&R trip. S.C.M.G. is also expected to launch with new clients involving smart home innovation and solar energy. There is also internal growth available for new Campaign Managers including Energy, Mobility, Electronics, Telecommunications and new Smart Home Automation. Along with the new opportunities available, CEO Joe Pavone Jr. also plans to see two local promotions within the 1st quarter alone and five for the year! From the talks of it, Joe Pavone Jr. describes 2019 as a year that will be unforgettable!













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