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Boca Raton, Florida, Dec. 20, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- People today have more personal debt than ever before. Most providers of unsecured loans charge a higher rate of interest, because they have nothing (like cars or other assets) to guarantee the loan. Consequently, if you fall behind with your loan repayments, you could end up in a difficult position before you know it.

Almost everyone uses credit cards on a daily basis, whether it is to pay for groceries, order products online or settle an unexpected bill. Regrettably, US consumers are becoming increasingly dependant on credit cards, to the point that they regard them as an income source instead of debt. This is a major problem, because debt from credit cards has reached record levels.

Medical expenses are another cause of financial hardship for Americans. Debts from medical treatment can arise from unplanned operations, visits to the casualty department or frequent checkups. The majority of Americans have health insurance and are covered by their employers.

Notwithstanding, many people still have to pay thousands of dollars each year in medical fees, and millions of people have been made bankrupt in recent times, due to outstanding medical charges. These figures surpass those from unpaid mortgages and credit cards. Even people who are insured are not exempt from the wrath of creditors. Roughly ten million holders of comprehensive medical insurance will struggle to repay their medical expenses.

Students are feeling the pinch these days as well, in spite of their best efforts to invest in their futures. When they enrolled in college, they didn't anticipate the lack of jobs, the stuttering economy, or that their loans would be a massive headache that would follow them round for decades. Sadly, this is the situation that many students are now in.

Following the economic turmoil and crash of the noughties, lots of young people opted for further education to boost the likelihood that they could get a well paid career. Tuition fees increased considerably though, and many students had to get private loans with a higher rate of interest - which did not have federal government backing. Other unscrupulous colleges tempted people into courses with the promise of a high salary job, which wasn't delivered. As a result, debt from student loans has skyrocketed.

It is natural to feel anxious about educational institutions or creditors to whom you owe money. Perhaps you have no experience in positioning yourself correctly, negotiating resolutions, or using the right type of language with lenders. If you are in a predicament where you are defaulting on an unsecured loan, or struggling to make your minimum repayments, Resolvly can help. The company provides customized loan solutions, depending on your specific requirements. After you enlist their services, your lawyer will carry out a thorough assessment of all the paperwork related to your debts, to establish your rights and responsibilities. Then, he or she will recommend an effective action plan for you to follow. Avoid possibly filing for bankruptcy and get your debts resolved properly, by calling Resolvly today on (855) 404-0034.


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