Terminus Broadens Data Integration & Engagement Capabilities with New Account-Based Marketing Platform Release

New integrations make it even easier for B2B Marketing teams to identify ideal accounts based on intent and engagement; expanded orchestration features cement Terminus’ position as the most advanced ABM platform on the market

Atlanta, Georgia, UNITED STATES

ATLANTA, Dec. 20, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Terminus, the #1 rated account-based marketing (ABM) execution platform, today announces new features and integrations that extend the ability of B2B marketers to unify their account intelligence and better orchestrate multi-channel engagement. The Terminus platform is purpose-built to empower marketing teams to easily build, operate and measure scalable account-based initiatives that drive quality revenue growth. These new data capabilities enable marketers to better identify and target ideal accounts based on behavior, intent and engagement. Additional features enhance the ability to consistently engage decision-makers at target accounts across geographies and throughout the buying process.

“Terminus is a true account-based command center,” said Daniel Englebretson, director of integrated marketing at Phononic. “By combining our own behavioral data with third-party intent and measuring engagement at the account level, Terminus provides us an incredibly easy way to identify our best-fit target accounts and build our account-based programs around creating interest and engagement across their buying center.”

The new release delivers platform integrations and new engagement features within the Terminus TEAM framework (Target-Engage-Activate-Measure). The new data integrations tie directly into the Terminus Account Hub, powered by the company’s Account Graph. This technology assimilates marketers’ data with third-party sources to provide a 360 degree view of account propensity based on behavior, intent and engagement metrics. The technology facilitates account selection, engagement outreach, lead-to-account mapping and program measurement within the Terminus account-based platform. The solution also now enables more robust orchestration of engagement actions across global ad networks and brings account re-targeting capabilities to broaden reach with target accounts that are showing engagement on your website.

“The Terminus platform has evolved dramatically with the full integration of the BrightFunnel technology to our solution,” said Bryan Brown, chief product officer at Terminus. “We are really excited to extend this platform from its initial launch earlier this year to incorporate new data sets and help marketers easily drive and measure engagement within their absolute best target accounts.”

Integrated Account Intelligence: Turn Rich Data into Actionable Account Segments
Terminus Account Graph now enables marketers to enrich their data with improved account intelligence, instantly delivering better account targeting and segmentation.

This firmographic data can be combined with other custom data points, Terminus-provided web engagement data, and third-party fit and intent data feeds to offer the most comprehensive account targeting abilities in market. These data feeds include a native integration with Bombora’s industry leading intent data, alerting marketing to buying signals earlier than ever before.

Deeper Digital Advertising with In-Platform Retargeting and International Display Advertising
Terminus has also released extensions to its leading account-based advertising solution to unify more marketing orchestration and measurement. With Terminus account-based retargeting, marketers are able to focus retargeting efforts and budget on site visitors that show best-fit and are most engaged, maximizing retargeting efficiency.

Terminus also released international account-based display advertising which, combined with existing global Linkedin advertising, now provides a single command center for teams reaching buyers on a global basis.

Activate Sales with Engagement Signals on Specific Products, Topics and More
Terminus Engagement Models enable marketers to deliver valuable engagement intelligence to their sales teams in the form of Engagement Spikes - customized alerts that identify when an account is showing unusually high activity across digital marketing channels. With this release, marketers are now able to alert sales on the specific product, service, or topic an account is spiking on, to drive more personalized, precision-timed outreach.

To learn more, or to request a demo, please visit www.Terminus.com.

About Terminus
Founded in 2014, Terminus is the leader of the account-based movement. The company delivers an account-based marketing (ABM) command center that enables B2B marketers to identify and prioritize target accounts, engage them across multiple channels, provide actionable insights to sales, and measure the success of their account-based programs. Enterprise and growth-stage companies such as Salesforce, NetSuite, WP Engine, and Snowflake Computing use Terminus as a foundational platform for ABM.


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