Broadcom Modernizes Fibre Channel with Advanced SAN Management and the Industry’s First Gen 6 Replication Connectivity Switch

Increase operational efficiencies with comprehensive SAN visibility, actionable information and simplified processes

SAN JOSE, Calif., Dec. 20, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Broadcom Inc. (NASDAQ:AVGO), today announced new SAN management platforms, Brocade® SANnav™ Management Portal and Brocade SANnav™ Global View that delivers a dynamic, comprehensive, and faster SAN management experience. In addition, Broadcom announced a new replication connectivity solution, the Brocade 7810 Extension Switch that moves more data faster over distance to meet demanding disaster recovery requirements.

Enterprises today are faced with an unprecedented amount of operational data points and increased infrastructure complexity that can be overwhelming to manage. In fact, according to ESG’s research, 68% of IT decision makers say that IT is more complex than it was just two years ago. To address this complexity, Brocade SANnav Management Portal and SANnav Global View provides visibility across multiple SAN fabrics, transforms SAN behavior and performance data into actionable insights, and reduces administrative tasks through automation. This enables administrators to quickly associate real-time data with historical metrics and logs for in-depth analysis to spot trends, establish baselines, and identify any behavioral changes over time. These new sophisticated capabilities accelerate administrative tasks by simplifying workflows and automating redundant steps, making it easier for organizations to realize their goal of an autonomous SAN.

SANnav Management Portal captures SAN telemetry data and contextualizes this data into visual dashboards, enabling administrators to quickly detect and isolate points of interest for both troubleshooting and performance optimization. For large organizations with multiple SANs within a data center or spread across the globe, Brocade SANnav Global View allows administrators to understand the health of all of their SAN resources and easily navigate from a holistic view down to the individual fabrics and switches in a specific local environment. 

“Broadcom is modernizing SAN management through advanced instrumentation, visualization, and automation capabilities,” said Jack Rondoni, senior vice president and general manager, Brocade Storage Networking division at Broadcom. “Brocade SANnav Management Portal and Global View are foundational technologies for customers who want to transform their current storage network into a self-healing autonomous SAN.”

“For storage IT administrators, the ability to better manage the data center using advanced tools that include automation remain a key priority,” said Scott Sinclair, senior analyst at ESG. “Information must be effectively managed and protected in the modern data center, and using tools like Brocade’s SANnav will provide IT professionals with a new experience to easily manage their work flow in the data center.”

Enterprises require a solid disaster recovery plan to ensure that their valuable information is protected from disruptions and outages due to human error or natural disasters. Achieving good replication performance and ensuring that data in-flight is secure over distance is difficult, given that most storage arrays don’t offer encryption over the WAN and their performance degrades with latency and packet loss.

The Brocade Gen 6 product family now includes the Brocade 7810 Extension Switch. The Brocade 7810 Extension Switch is a modern replication connectivity solution that cost-effectively and quickly transports data over long distances between data centers. With powerful built-in technology to overcome the inherent challenges of latency and packet loss over distance, the Brocade 7810 dramatically speeds up replication performance to handle the unrelenting transfer of data between data centers. This allows organizations to substantially reduce costs through less-expensive WAN connections. In addition, the Brocade 7810 Extension Switch uses hardware encryption to ensure that data-in-flight is protected over the WAN and security compliance requirements are met.

The Brocade SANnav Management Portal, Brocade SANnav Global View and Brocade 7810 Extension Switch are available now through Broadcom today. Broadcom OEM partners plan to start shipping the new SAN Management software and new extension switch today and throughout the next several quarters.

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