Data Technical News Nordic #2018 - 49: Genium Consolidated Feed (GCF) 3.7.2 Release on March 25, 2019


Markets Impacted: Nasdaq® Nordic- and Baltic Markets

Products Impacted: Nordic Equity, Nordic Fixed Income, Nasdaq Commodities and Baltic Equity & Fixed Income

What you need to know 
On March 25, 2019 there will be a 3.7.2 release in GCF production environment.

The release will introduce a new TIP message: BasicDataTradableSupplementary2, and support for future functionality for INET ‘Trading @ Closing Price’.

An updated version of the TIP 3.7.2 version and a comparison file between the current TIP version and 3.7.2 are now available on the GCF web page:


Release changes

  • New TIP message: BasicDataTradableSupplementary2
    The new TIP message: BasicDataTradableSupplementary2 with general asset class application will be introduced. It includes fields that previously was available in TIP message: BasicDataFund. The fileds are moved since they are applicable not only for fund instruments. BasicDataFund is still available as a message

  • New field in BasicDataDerivative: BackOffTime
    BackOffTime is relevant for certain ETP instruments where the underlying market is not opening until CET 10-12:00. BackOffTime (HH:MM in CET) is used to delay auto-halt of an instrument.
  • Trading @ Closing Price
    GCF will in TIP 3.7.2 include support for future INET functionality related to a new trading phase in INET Nordic trading system called Trading at Closing Price (T@CP). Trading at Closing Price is a phase after the Lit Order book closing auction, where Members may optionally continue to trade. The GCF implementation is a preparation for future implementation in INET Nordic that will happen on a date after the implementation of TIP 3.7.2. T@CP will be applicable for Shares instruments in INET.


Testing of new TIP version 3.7.2 will be available in GCF TST4 on a later communicated date.

Where can I find additional information? 

For questions or request for further information in TIP 3.7.2 release please contact: