Statement from the Alliance Party on Trump Politics

As usual, Trump’s politics create problems for the nation and world; the Alliance Party will unite the nation, provide solutions

VANCOUVER, Wash., Dec. 22, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Alliance Party believes that when we have one of the worst weeks in the stock market since the 2008 crash, a partial government shut-down, a proposed $5 billion border wall, and a respected defense secretary step down in the same week, it's time for a change: 

"Depriving nearly 800,000 federal workers of their livelihood at Christmas in a partial government shutdown, while elected officials and the President of the United States continue to get paid, is an abuse of power. 

"Through his leadership, General James Mattis showed elected leaders of both major parties that there are virtues that require courageous, bold action if this nation is to persevere.

"To further destabilize the Middle East, when American and allied forces have made the ultimate sacrifice to eliminate ISIS, is reckless and dangerous for allied forces, America and the world.

"Soldiers do not leave a comrade on the battlefield, and we cannot forsake our allies in Syria or anywhere in the world without eroding the trust we’ve spent decades earning. 

"Our elected officials must stop the bi-partisan bickering that is destroying America and start working for the American people. They are expected to represent their constituency, not their party or their own personal interests.

"The GOP must stop promoting the poorly conceived border wall. It only aggravates the humanitarian crisis that Trump and the GOP created in our backyard. These actions significantly increase the already staggering national debt.

"The Republican Party has allowed Donald Trump to turn a once proud party into the Trump Party. We cannot allow them to turn our proud nation into Trump country."


  • Brian Mistrot, National Chair of the Alliance Party, is a business owner and officer of several companies specializing in healthcare, and former chairman of the American Moderate Party.
  • Michael Berger, Vice Chair of the Alliance Party, a former business executive who worked with several state parties, including a post as the National Chair of the Modern Whig Party.
  • James Rex, Vice-Chair of the Alliance Party, is co-founder and former chair of the American Party of South Carolina. He is the last Democrat to win a statewide election in South Carolina as State Superintendent of Education in 2006.

About the Alliance Party

The Alliance Party is the culmination of a decades-long movement of successful independent state parties sharing similar values, beliefs and a vision to return America to a leadership position on the world stage. The parties merged to form the first new party that is attractive to those disenfranchised by the major parties as well as most independents. More information is online at 


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