CES: Smart Footwear brand Digitsole in partnership with the company Zhor-Tech revolutionize medical diagnostics with M-Cube technology

Nancy , France, Jan. 09, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Digitsole, creating the future of footwear by introducing electronics and software into footwear products, is revolutionizing the medical diagnostics industry with its new technology, designed to identify, discover and analyze mobility disorders. M-Cube, powered by Zhor-Tech, is a non-intrusive, efficient and economical solution that meticulously measures walking patterns, collecting information to optimize patient care.

M-Cube is a unique technology weighing only 7 grams that can be imbedded in any shoe or insole and able to capture the twelve parameters related to the walking profile, including cadence, speed, impact force, stance, pronation/supination. Coupled with a dedicated mobile app, M-Cube empowers the patient with the opportunity to visualize personal data while providing doctors with the ability to analyze the results through a dedicated online dashboard. Evolution of disease, or effectiveness of treatment, can then be studied in real time, for patient care which is efficient, effective, and economical.

For Professor Hervé Vespignani, former head of the neurological and functional exploration Department of the CHU of Nancy, France, this is a revolutionary diagnostic tool, “I collaborated to develop this solution because I know that the foot says a lot about the health of an individual. Each person has their own walking profile, generating vital information about their health status. M-Cube can diagnose diseases such as multiple sclerosis, stroke, Parkinson’s, or Alzheimer's by analyzing the way people are walking. I am convinced that accessibility of this tool, combined with its ease of use and reliability, will make M-Cube a must for diagnosis and analysis.”

Karim Oumnia, Founder and CEO of Digitsole, explains “There is more than 7000 nerve endings on our foot that are directly connected to the brain, every change in our walking pattern means something!  Each individual has walking profile parameters (WPP) as unique as their DNA, and it has already been proven that many diseases, like Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis and Cerebral Palsy are detected with a WPP. Using connected insoles to establish the GAIT profile and monitor changes to this in real-time is the fastest and most effective way to find mobility disorders, detect diseases and evaluate the efficacy of treatment for this.”

M-Cube is positioned to become a diagnosis tool, like a mobile scanner or a simple sphygmomanometer, that will evaluate health daily, and signal users to visit their doctor if usual changes in their WPP GAIT profile are detected.  

About Digitsole
Digitsole is the world pioneer in connected footwear, creating the future by introducing electronics and software into shoes. Elected the best European start-up in sports, fitness and biotech at the CES 2017 Awards, Digitsole Powered by Zhor-Tech technology embody innovation and smart technology. Backed by health experts, Digitsole is driven by their desire to enhance both daily life and athletic performance through connected footwear created specifically for the sports, health, safety and luxury sectors. 


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