Ziyen Inc. Software Division Launches Oil Blockchain News Website

Oil and Gas veteran Paul Parnham appointed as Editor-in-Chief of OilBlockchain.News

SAN DIEGO, Jan. 10, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Ziyen Inc., a Scottish American Oil and Intelligence Company, has launched a new international Oil and Gas Blockchain and Cryptocurrency News Website.

OilBlockchain.News has been developed by the Scottish Software Division of Ziyen Inc., to become the leading international portal on how blockchain technology such as cryptocurrency, smart contracts and distributed data will transform the oil and gas industry.

Alastair Caithness, CEO stated,

“Ziyen Inc. was originally set up as an information based company providing key procurement information on oil and gas contracts, before the diversification of the company into establishing Ziyen Energy, a US Oil Operator focusing on delivering new technology to US MidWest Oil Markets.

"As we are about to move into Round 3 of Funding, Ziyen Inc. wants to continue to be on the cutting edge of developments in the Oil Industry, not only as an oil producer but in software and technology.

"The appointment of Paul Parnham is key for the development of Ziyen Inc.  Paul is fearless like so many leaders of the moment and has a crystal clear view of its future in the digital environment, and we welcome him on board at Ziyen Inc.”

Paul Parnham is the first digital editor for a Ziyen Intelligence Software Portal, which is to say he arrives from the future rather that the past.  Paul is a veteran in the Oil and Gas Industry, having previously worked for Total, BG Group, Shell and BP.  He specialized in contracts, supply chain management and IT.  He is familiar with all current contracts and procurement management techniques, including the development of capex saving contracting strategies.

Paul acts as an independent consultant to various blue chip companies in the oil industry, advising them on Artificial Intelligence, Oil Blockchain and Smart Contracts. 

He has developed a large network of industry professionals who follow him across various social networks and regularly consults senior management teams with upcoming changes in the industry.

Paul Parnham, Editor-in-Chief, says,

“The question which the oil industry asks is how will the technology reinvent, redefine, and improve today’s system?

"Oil Blockchain is the future business model of the supply chain, eventually will be applied to the entire oil and gas value chain. It is an honor to join the company and develop Ziyen Inc. to become a leading industry player involved in this change.”

For information on investing in Ziyen Inc., please visit the company website at www.ziyen.com, or for a copy of the latest company overview, please email support@ziyen.com.

About Ziyen Inc.
Founded in 2016, Ziyen Inc. was initially launched as a software company providing information about oil and gas related procurement contracts, Ziyen Inc. diversified in 2017, instating the Ziyen Energy Division with the intent to produce oil in the U.S. with advanced extraction methods and technology implemented and guided by career experts in the oil and gas industry.  In 2017 Ziyen acquired the mineral rights to its first oil field in Indiana, and now has eighteen oil assets, covering over 1650 acres across Illinois and Indiana.  More information may be found on its website www.ziyen.com.

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