MobiledgeX & Sfara form a Global Technology Partnership

Addressing Driver Analytics and Mobile Assurance Services for the Reinsurance & Insurance industry arising from the introduction and ongoing development of semi-autonomous and fully-autonomous Level 3 through Level 5 automotive, trucking, transportation, mobility, fleet management and ride sharing services


SAN FRANCISCO and HOBOKEN, N.J., Jan. 14, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- MobiledgeX and Sfara announce a Global Technology Partnership that will establish a gold standard in Driver Analytics, Mobility Safety and Assurance Services for the transportation industry including ride sharing, fleet management, vehicle-to-vehicle communication and vehicle-to-infrastructure security for global logistics and protection of high-value assets. Through this partnership, the companies will accelerate development and deployment of a full-service suite of network-based edge mobility analytics and safety and assurance services, ultimately resulting in safer, richer connected mobility experiences as the transportation industry evolves from Level 3 to Level 5. 

Augmented driving is a reality today, and Sfara is creating the next levels of assistance, assurance and ultimately safety of the driving experience. “Our strategic partnership with MobiledgeX will bring a uniform and secure set of autonomous mobility services to 5G networks while allowing us to augment our Native Mobile AI in a business where milliseconds matter.” said Erik Goldman, CEO of Sfara. “Our combined solutions form a deep competitive advantage that will expedite the development of a safer, smarter and systematic evolution of the transportation paradigm for enterprise customers and everyday users worldwide.” 

In autonomous vehicles, sufficient onboard compute resources will always be present to ensure local control, authentication and safety. However, there is a required set of trusted services that can only originate outside of the vehicle to provide spatial awareness and intelligence, and to drive highly contextualized decision making with extreme precision faster than ever before. “Our success to-date is encouraging us to work hard on the next levels of real-time automation and validation. Our Global Technology Partnership combines a highly complementary platform and application to solve the largest looming challenges in transportation satisfying contextual, dynamic and time sensitive requirements.” says Sascha Simon, Founder and Chief Scientist of Sfara.

MobiledgeX focuses on making the massive global network of highly secure telecom operator edge infrastructure available and simple to adopt for companies like Sfara who aim to deliver a rich suite of trusted services to their customers. “We believe that the edge is for application developers and device makers and that native edge services need to be easy to access and consume.” remarked Sunay Tripathi, CTO of MobiledgeX. Through this Global Technology Partnership, MobiledgeX will enable the rapid global deployment of Sfara’s Mobile AI using their existing development workflows, tools and operations. 

“We are thrilled to have Sfara as a premier technology and go-to-market partner and service provider to enhance cities, municipalities and states with their pioneering real-world autonomous edge solutions addressing use cases around driver analytics, mobile safety, security and assurance,” says Jason Hoffman, CEO of MobiledgeX.

About Sfara

Sfara is engineering a mobile revolution in safety and control. Sfara’s patented AI technology and global platform makes a smartphone a secure mobile safety and analytics solution, available as a GDPR compliant SaaS offering to our partners in the mobility space, including automakers and mobile network operators. 

With an addressable market of nearly 3 billion smartphone users world-wide, Sfara technology represents a complete paradigm shift for the telematics industry and our partners- a ubiquitous solution, with unprecedented detection capability, that requires no hardware or data transport costs. Sfara provides a highly scalable cloud based data analytics and assurance solution designed to assist a multitude of industries that are navigating the challenges arising from the introduction of transportation as a service, the ongoing development of semi and fully autonomous vehicles as well as fleet management and ride sharing services.

Sfara is led by a deeply experienced executive team with over 150 billion miles on leading-edge embedded and aftermarket telematics solutions for consumer and fleet applications, UBI and MPERs operated throughout North America, Europe and China. Headquartered in Hoboken, NJ Sfara also has expanding teams in Silicon Valley, Guadalajara and Finland.

About MobiledgeX

MobiledgeX is building a marketplace of edge resources and services that will connect developers with the world's largest mobile networks to power the next generation of applications and devices. MobiledgeX is an independent edge computing company founded by Deutsche Telekom and headquartered in Menlo Park, California. More information on MobiledgeX can be found in our newsroom.

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