Naboso™ Technology Expands Product Line to include the First Commercially Available Textured Insoles and Mats designed to Improve Posture, Balance and Strength through Stimulation of the Feet

Patent-pending texture used in Naboso™ insoles and mats stimulates the nervous system through skin on the bottom of the feet, helping to benefit professional athletes and those with chronic neurological disorders like Parkinson’s Disease and Multiple Sclerosis

NEW YORK, Jan. 22, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Naboso™ Technology, a leading proprioceptive insole and mat company dedicated to revolutionizing the neurological rehabilitation, human performance and wellness space, announces today the expansion of its product offerings with its new insoles and training mats specifically designed to stimulate the nervous system through the skin on the bottom of the feet. Naboso™ Technology works by stimulating the skin on the bottom of the feet, which have hundreds of nerves. These nerves are sensitive to two-point texture, deep pressure, skin stretch and vibration. When walking, running and using our feet, the sensory stimulation of these nerves goes to the brain to help the body orientate itself in the environment. This means, the more sensory stimulation coming into the body, the better the motor output.

“Since our launch in 2017, Naboso™ Technology has been on a mission to disrupt the concept that we need arch support in insoles, and instead to bring an awareness to the power of sensory stimulation in optimizing foot function,” says Dr. Emily Splichal, founder of Naboso™ Technology and Functional Podiatrist. “The Naboso™ Insoles are uniquely designed to stimulate the nerves in the plantar foot, which in turn has an effect on foot activation, foot strength and postural alignment. Our minimal design and low profile allows the Naboso™ Insoles to fit into a variety of shoes and athletic footwear.”

Each type of proprioceptive insole and mat is specifically designed for medical, wellness or athletic training uses. The new products include:

  • Naboso Neuro Insoles – Used to help those with chronic neurological issues such as Parkinson's Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, stroke, concussion, spinal cord injury or neuropathy. The 1.5mm texture improves balance, posture, and confidence when walking to prevent falling.
  • Naboso Adult Insoles 1.0 – The 1mm texture insoles are for consumers new to barefoot stimulation. Ideal to use during running or exercising. 
  • Naboso Adult Insoles 1.5 – The 1.5mm texture insoles are catered toward consumers familiar with barefoot stimulation or using minimal footwear while exercising.
  • Naboso Training Mat – The 1.5mm texture mat is catered toward barefoot weight training, kettlebell exercises, and lifting.
  • Naboso Pro Training Mat – The 1.5mm texture mat is best used in professional facilities for training or rehabilitation. It has been used by basketball, baseball and football players to enhance postural control, reduce risk of injury, and aid in a faster recovery after an injury.

With the introduction of Naboso™ Proprioceptive Insoles, Dr. Splichal hopes to change the insole industry forever. She’s not the only one who agrees with this research targeting the bottom of the feet. BODITRAK, a leading-edge sports technology company has partnered with Naboso™ Technology to use their patent-pending material in their Vector Force Plate System which will be used in clinic and gym environments to evaluate and improve performance outcomes.

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About Naboso Technology:
Naboso™ Technology, a leading proprioceptive insole and mat company aims to improve stability, strength and coordination through the use of a patent-pending textured material. Naboso™ (meaning "barefoot" in Czech) Technology products target the small nerve proprioceptors on the bottom of the feet, which no other commercial product can do. Dr. Emily Splichal, founder of Naboso™ Technology and Functional Podiatrist, based her products on research supporting how the skin on the bottom of the foot can stimulate the nervous system. Born out of the need to help people through neurological rehabilitation, Naboso™ Technology has created products to help in human performance for athletes, and wellness in the average person.

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