Thunderhead’s Intent Analyzer closes the last-mile gap for enterprise digital transformation

Thunderhead’s latest innovation primes transformation leaders with critical customer insight enabled by advanced journey analysis, causal exploration, and audience discovery


LONDON and NEW YORK, Jan. 23, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Thunderhead, the global leader in technology for Customer Engagement, Journey Orchestration, and Audience Analytics, announces that its latest innovation Intent Analyzer (IA) will enable enterprises to deliver on digital transformation this year by closing the last-mile customer engagement gap.

Already proven with pilot customers and scheduled for general availability in Q2 2019, Intent Analyzer is Thunderhead’s groundbreaking AI-driven customer intelligence platform that places unparalleled insight into customer behavior at the fingertips of marketing leaders.

Developed after extensive field research, Intent Analyzer is designed as component of Thunderhead’s ONE platform, working seamlessly with the company’s ONE Engagement Hub. Using machine learning and other AI techniques to automate the analysis of billions of time-based touchpoint interactions in near real-time to reveal patterns in behavior and journeys, and surfacing behavioral based audience clusters. These critical insights fuel the intelligent orchestration of customer interactions and journeys, taking customer engagement to the next level, driving customer retention, growth, life-time-value, trust and brand advocacy.

Customer engagement is the front-line of digital transformation across all industry sectors, and the most challenging barrier for brands to cross. Thunderhead’s ONE platform, powered by insights from Intent Analyzer, delivers the depth of engagement that enables brands across all industry sectors to close this critical last-mile, mastering customer engagement to transition to a truly customer-centric operating model.

Intent Analyzer is delivering impressive results and helping selected pilot customers to drive home their transformation projects.

Examples include:

A North American retail brand has been using IA to conduct journey analysis to compare the most common journeys, understand the fastest journey paths, identify friction points and optimize future interactions. All of which will be used to drive their digital transformation strategy.

A global Telecommunications company discovered a multi-million dollar monthly revenue opportunity by using IA to connect disparate customer journey data, perform deep levels of analysis and create new audience segments for enhanced orchestration.

A global Automotive brand used IA to understand moments of truth in their online and offline customer journeys, identifying new opportunities to optimize the dealership experience and enhance the service they provide to customers.

A major North American sports franchise has already seen an overall reduction in journey abandonment of 6% and an uplift of 10% in sales using IA and the ONE Engagement Hub to identify areas to increase fan engagement and reduce journey friction.

Thunderhead’s ONE platform provides a unified layer of customer intelligence, based on a complete time-based view of customer activity across all touchpoints and silos, with customer, audience and journey analytics driving powerful interaction and journey orchestration in real-time. Because of the reach and depth of time-based interaction data captured by Intent Analyzer, the exploration and analysis of causal effects provide yet another unmatched layer of insight into complex customer behavior.

It’s now possible for CX and Marketing teams to easily understand and anticipate customer behavior, uncover intent and provide contextually-relevant one-to-one conversations at scale across every touchpoint - marketing, sales and digital commerce, and service - whatever the journey.

Thunderhead is a recognized pioneer in the customer engagement market, helping business adapt to the customer-centric reality of the digital economy and the emergence of customer-focused digitally native brands. The company was recently named a Leader in the Forrester Wave™ reports for Journey Orchestration and Visioning. Intent Analyzer will be available as a stand-alone product or as a companion product to the ONE Engagement Hub.

“For CMOs, the digital transformation agenda has never been more important. They are tasked with meeting the rising tide of customer expectation and ensuring that the brands they represent transition to a customer-led operating model that builds trust, drives engagement and offers sustainable growth,” said Glen Manchester, CEO and Founder at Thunderhead.

“What we have developed with Intent Analyzer and the ONE Engagement Hub is a truly customer-oriented platform that moves well beyond much of today’s siloed, inside-out thinking and legacy constraints. Too many products focus purely on the needs of the business, not the needs of the individual customers. ONE moves beyond conventional data-centric solutions, like customer data platforms, with true outside-in customer intelligence. ONE will help brands make the transition from traditional marketing to the new era of engagement-led marketing, based on seamless and contextual conversations across all touchpoints,” Manchester further commented.

Jason Hemingway, Chief Marketing Officer at Thunderhead added “At Thunderhead innovation ahead of the curve is in our DNA. We’re trying to push the boundaries of technology and AI to understand the complex world of the customer behavior and help brands build authentic, long-lasting relationships with their customers. Our ONE platform, comprising of both Intent Analyzer and the ONE Engagement Hub, has been designed to seamlessly tie together the disparate systems and siloed technology that marketers often wrestle with. They now have the means to analyze omnichannel customer behavior easily, in real-time and at unprecedented scale, then put this insight to use and act in-the-moment to meet the needs of every individual customer, wherever they are in their journey.”

About Thunderhead
Thunderhead is leading the movement to transform customer engagement, enabling brands for the first time to understand each customer’s INTENT and orchestrate personalized journeys for millions of customers across billions of touchpoints, seamlessly and in real-time.

With Thunderhead’s AI-driven solutions, the ONE Engagement Hub and Intent Analyzer, it’s now possible for brands to deliver exceptional engagement for every customer throughout every journey. Across every industry, ONE is driving topline growth, reducing cost-to-serve, increasing customer happiness and building customer lifetime value.

A recognized global leader in the customer engagement market, Thunderhead is headquartered in London and has its development HQ in Boston.

Thunderhead. Customer Engagement just got personal.

Jessica Juckes 
Hotwire Global PR for Thunderhead