Big Screen Entertainment Set to Make More Films and TV This Year With a New Content Creation Team

Los Angeles, California, UNITED STATES

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif., Jan. 23, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Big Screen Entertainment Group (OTC:BSEG) have announced a new ten-strong content creation team made up of talented writers, directors and producers, dedicated to creating content of all genres all over the world.

A new film fund is in the works to help finance 3-5 projects per year, which will be focused on the growing streaming market such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Hulu. 

These are the latest steps forward for a company which, having recently worked on projects with the likes of screen icon Bruce Willis and Golden Globe winner Rami Malek, is all about attracting top talent.

Founder and CEO Kimberley Kates, who assembled the new team, said: “With the maturity of streaming services, content producers have more opportunities than ever before. Content is king in today's media landscape. Companies bid for libraries of films, and the best production studios produce more and more quality content to keep up with demand. I’m excited to work with such a talented group of individuals.”


Sandro Monetti, Head of Development
A multi-award winning writer, author and journalist, he’s a regular contributor to CNN and the BBC as an entertainment industry expert. Sandro brings great contacts, creativity and content.

The Deka Brothers, Directors/Writers
Award-winning directing duo originally from France, they bring a signature visual style inspired by Japanese anime and European literature. Benoit and Julien crafted that style on the underground scene making acclaimed music videos and attention-grabbing short films.

Olivia DeLaurentis, Writer/Director
Continuing the family tradition of quality moviemaking, a relative of legendary producer Dino, Olivia DeLaurentis has been dubbed a rising star to watch in 2019. That’s largely thanks to her keen sense of dark humor displayed while acting as half of the YouTube comedy duo Barely Legal Comedy. A prolific former child star she has written, directed and acted in film since the age of 12.

The content team also includes experts from around the world in script structure, reality television, international acquisitions and more – meet them all at

Recent credits include post-production on the WW2 epic, The Bombing. Shot and produced in China, Big Screen Entertainment helped bring the Bruce Willis film to the US and Europe in late 2018. It also assisted in bringing Papillon to China starring Rami Malek and Charlie Hunnam,

Films currently in development include This Gets Ruff, written by Olivia DeLaurentis, a dark comedy that focuses on the melodrama between a former child star and her biggest fan, and Santa’s Real, an adventure film about three friends who embark on a quest to find out the truth about the Christmas icon. In development for television is Avenger Field, a drama about daring female pilots in WW2.

Big Screen Entertainment (BSEG) is an entertainment company with diversified presence in motion picture production, distribution, digital distribution and global sales.

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