OpenSlate Introduces Dynamic Brand Safety Solution for Facebook, Helping Marketers Confidently Buy In-stream Video Ads at Scale

OpenSlate Extends Content Ratings and Planning Tools into Facebook’s High-Growth Video Environment

New York, New York

NEW YORK, Jan. 24, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- OpenSlate, the leading provider of video content ratings across the world’s largest digital platforms, today announced their brand safety solution for in-stream video advertising on Facebook. OpenSlate for Facebook enables marketers to visualize, optimize and automate content targeting decisions.

OpenSlate has been certified as one of the first Facebook Marketing Partners for Brand Safety and will provide advertisers with greater control and confidence through independent, third-party metrics.

OpenSlate assesses the Facebook content in which in-stream ads might play, generating actionable scores and ratings. Clients use OpenSlate to manage dynamic block lists, which provide advertisers with measures of control over where their ads appear.

OpenMind and GroupM partnered with OpenSlate to test Facebook in-stream placement with dynamic block list capabilities. When assessing which client partner would be a good fit for this innovative test, Nespresso was top of mind.

“OpenSlate provided Nespresso assurance during its biggest yearly campaign that their brand would be aligned with appropriate media when shown on in-stream placement. Utilizing this dynamic technology allowed us to mitigate potential risk in real-time and protect the brand from being associated with any Page that may be deemed as inappropriate,” said Kate Smith, Associate Director, OpenMind.

OpenSlate’s Facebook solution delivers:

  • Safety and Suitability assessments for 100% of Facebook's in-stream ad-supported content
  • Preemptive exclusion of brand-sensitive content categories
  • Data and tools to automate and optimize use of Facebook’s block lists
  • Video and Page-level insight into Facebook content

“Content matters to brand advertisers. The scale and diversity of video on Facebook has grown exponentially, which is why we’ve extended our data science and independent ratings to cover that content,” said Mike Henry, OpenSlate CEO. “We are delighted to launch our Facebook product and announce our certification as a Facebook Marketing Partner.”


OpenSlate is the premier source of independent analytics and ratings for digital video content. The company’s technology provides insight into the nature and quality of content on the world’s largest digital video platforms. OpenSlate is the only company that can comprehensively measure brand safety, suitability and context for advertisers, and identify the most effective content for their campaigns. OpenSlate is used by every major advertising holding company, as well as the world’s largest advertisers. Learn more at

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Kate Ritchie