BlueSky Organics Introduces Revolutionary New Cannabis Grow System

BC Company helps eliminate thousands of tons of environmentally harmful growing cubes from landfills

Vernon, British Columbia, CANADA

VERNON, British Columbia, Jan. 24, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- BlueSky Organics launches a revolutionary new cannabis growing system to the Canadian market with the potential to eliminate millions of tons of non-biodegradable growing materials from landfills.

With the high demand for cannabis, large companies looking to take advantage of a lucrative industry are building large-scale growing facilities. Large numbers of these facilities, operated by licensed producers, traditionally use a rockwool cube for growing cannabis plants. Rockwool cubes are fiberglass-like insulation cubes used to grow cannabis roots in a hydroponic-style system. The problem is, it takes a lot of rockwool to grow high volumes of cannabis. What’s worse, rockwool does not break down in the landfill.

According to Matt Stromsten, co-founder and Director of Business Development for BlueSky Organics, a large producer with 1,000,000 square feet of grow space can use as much as 60, 40ft shipping container loads of rockwool each year. This results in substantial disposal fees for producers and landfills taking in materials that will never biodegrade or break down. The good news is, there’s now a more sustainable, profitable, and biodegradable alternative that BlueSky Organics has introduced.

BlueSky will be releasing this organically-derived, compostable alternative to rockwool in the new year through its partnership with Dutch Horticultural Professionals (DHP) to solve the rockwool problem in Canada. “Our focus has been innovation and creating solutions that are superior in quality and at the same time better for the environment. This gives commercial facilities a better return on their investment. We all win,” says BlueSky’s co-owner and Director of R&D, Mary Horvatincic.

Eco-friendly, sustainable cannabis could very well be the way of the future for the industry. While many investors in the cannabis market are focused on producers, the companies that are supplying products to grow cannabis are often overlooked. These companies are quickly becoming the true profiteers in the space and could represent an untapped opportunity for investors.

About BlueSky
BlueSky Organics has over 20-years of growing experience and has developed a full product line of organic soil media, plant nutrients, and amendments for the cannabis industry. BlueSky products are the first certified-organic products specifically formulated for producing organically-certifiable, high-quality cannabis for producers of any size including home growers now legally able to produce up to 4 plants with the help of their new starter craft kit seen here.


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