VPN.com Brokers Crete.com Domain for $105,000

Scottdale, Georgia, UNITED STATES

ATLANTA and DUBAI, United Arab Emirates and LAS VEGAS, Jan. 28, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- With a vision of selling $25 million of domains over the next year, VPN.com aims to be the exclusive exact-match domain brokerage firm for premium domain buyers and sellers. That journey started with Crete.com as VPN.com brokered the name for $105,000 making it the 3rd largest published domain transaction of 2019, at the moment. Congratulations to the buyer and seller!

Sharjil Saleem, now VP of Domains at VPN.com, was behind the Crete.com transaction. Less than two weeks ago, Michael partnered with Sharjil to formally launch VPN Brokers. Sharjil brokered three of the top 100 most expensive domains in 2018 and six of the most expensive domains in 2017.

“Sharjil has been an incredible partner for our team in a very short period of time. Our deal-ready networks, negotiation skills, domain experience and patience all factored into our decisions to work together. These are exactly the qualities Sharjil and I are looking for as we expand the size of our brokerage team. Nonetheless, I am very excited to have one of the best domain brokers in the world working with us,” Gargiulo commented.

Selling $25 million in domain names in one year is not an easy task. Gargiulo acquired VPN.com, the 7th most expensive in 2017, for nearly $1 million. After globally disclosing the VPN.com acquisition story, becoming Forbes’ Featured Domain Name Contributor and referring countless inquiries to other brokerage firms, he recognized the opportunity. Owning VPN.com will attract others needing to broker similar, high-quality exact-match domain names.

“Very few domain brokerage firms actually use an exact-match domain as their brand when prospecting for clients and deals. As a CEO or domain owner, you immediately take our emails and phones calls more seriously simply because of our name and reputation. We plan to leverage these permanent competitive advantages to sell more than $100 million in domains over the next three years,” Gargiulo added.

Domain Name Journal, Domain Name Wire and several other outlets have already covered VPN.com expanding into domain brokerage services. According to Gargiulo, VPN.com will expand the number of brokers, premium inventory and exclusive buyers in their network over the next 18 months.

VPN.com will be attending NamesCon, the largest domain conference in the world, January 27 through 31 in Las Vegas. Contact us, below.

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VPN.com aims to be the worldwide leader in exact-match domain name acquisitions by brokering $100 million in domains by 2022. The company has acquired and brokered some of the most recognized domains on the internet, helping brands create permanent competitive advantages in their space. In addition to domain brokerage, VPN.com sells VPNs as well, with a mission of helping 1 billion people protect their privacy online by 2025.

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