EVAN App Revamp Gives IT Directors More Time to Be Strategic

New Features Provide IT Departments More Freedom to Create Value

HOUSTON, TEXAS, Jan. 29, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- EVAN, the on-demand platform for solving IT problems, announced the launch of its newest advancements within its app. The latest upgrades -- accessed on the web and through EVAN clients’ intranet -- allow for a hybrid IT model intended especially for companies with 30+ employees needing an integrated and scalable IT support solution for their systems and technology. he revamped app is the a result of EVAN’s research and client feedback, and helps   companies to both customize their IT support categories and triage technological issues to the appropriate IT providers, regardless of whether they are internal or external. Clients who incorporate this new triage model are then able to free up IT directors to focus on more strategic business initiatives that create value for their company rather than focusing on day-to-day tech support issues.

“We have learned that 80 percent of IT managers are unable to spend sufficient time on value-added business activities due to solving tedious, day-to-day support-related issues, especially at companies with 25 or more employees,” said Todd Boutte, CEO at EVAN. “EVAN hopes to relieve those IT managers from these issues and ultimately help further the growth of their business.”

Specific updates to the app include:

  • Advanced Support Categories — IT directors can now easily establish custom workflows to address a company’s unique needs. This level of customization puts both basic and advanced requests into one easy-to-use interface.

  • Integration with Third-party Contractors — Employees can now go to one source for all their IT needs. IT help requests are immediately directed to the qualified providers on the EVAN support network whether contractors or internal resources.
  • Employee Upload — Administrators can now expedite the EVAN setup process by uploading a list of employees along with their work-related contact information. Once those employees have set their EVAN password, they can receive immediate access to IT support and assistance.

  • Single Sign-on Improvements — EVAN clients can now opt to log in to https://EVAN.help with their Office 365 account, which also supports additional security with two-factor authentication.

  • Design Improvements —  IT managers can now access detailed IT support history and billing information at a company or employee level, which is especially helpful for a company maintaining a large number of employees on the platform. In addition, a variety of visual improvements, like allowing for higher resolution banners and logos on a company’s profile, have been added to the app.

Select EVAN clients were able to access the app’s new enhancements and are already reflecting on how their improved IT support is able to triage and tackle problems more efficiently.

“Integrating EVAN into our support workflow was easy and immediately helpful. It was quickly customized to our company’s needs and now serves as the primary interface for making all technology related support requests at Eurecat US,” said Michael Stegall, IT Manager / ERP Project Manager. Eurecat US, Inc.  “These new enhancements to the app have helped me better track the types of requests coming in and focus on our larger IT objectives.”  

EVAN was created to immediately solve challenges and free up IT managers to focus on what is most important to their business. Dubbed “The Uber for IT support,” EVAN provides modern solutions for businesses’ most pressing IT needs. EVAN diagnoses problems in less than five minutes and resolves them in an average of 33 minutes, surpassing the current experiences of many businesses today.

Learn more about the app’s advancements via slideshow: https://www.evanyouritguy.com/feature-updates-for-it-directors/.

Learn more about EVAN at EVANYourITGuy.com.


EVAN is the first on-demand platform for IT support. Connecting individuals and businesses with qualified IT professionals, EVAN provides secure, transparent, and reliable expertise. The multi-sided crowdsourcing platform provides solutions for level I and II computer problems, which include but are not limited to email disruptions, wireless connectivity, cybersecurity, computer performance, and external devices. Founded and headquartered in Houston, Texas, EVAN prides itself on rigorously vetting IT professionals and placing an emphasis on recruiting veterans. Learn more about EVAN at EVANYourITGuy.com.


EVAN launches advancements to app to help a wider variety of businesses solve IT problems immediately.

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