RANK Software Ends 2018 with 111 Percent Revenue Growth

AI Cybersecurity Platform Provider Added Key Customers, Expanded Market Coverage, and Grew Platform Capabilities

Toronto, Ontario, CANADA

TORONTO, Jan. 29, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- RANK Software, an AI-based security analytics and threat intelligence platform, today announced it ended 2018 with record revenue growth of 111 percent. This growth was fueled by new customers like Swisscom and PostMedia network along with key additions to the executive leadership team, new partnerships, and delivering new platform capabilities to keep pace with today’s rapidly evolving cybersecurity threats.

“Our performance last year, including record revenue growth, customer wins, and an expanding partner ecosystem, is directly attributed the efforts of the entire RANK team in working to solve customers’ most pressing cybersecurity challenges,” said Rick Costanzo, CEO RANK Software. “The VASA Platform uses AI to address two major customer challenges. The growing numbers of increasingly complex cyber attacks and the shortage of cybersecurity skills in the market to combat them.” 

With customer Proofs of Concept at an all-time high, key customer wins last year include Postmedia Network, the Canadian news media company representing more than 140 brands across multiple print, online, and mobile platforms, and Swisscom, Switzerland’s leading telecommunications company.

RANK added key partners in the Middle East and Europe and expanded agreements with existing partners in the Americas including LTI, Happiest Minds, and Syner Solutions.

RANK also announced collaboration in cybersecurity research with the Fields Institute for Research in Mathematical Sciences, a global leader in mathematics research hosted by the University of Toronto. The flagship project of this new partnership between RANK Software and the Institute’s new Centre for Quantitative Analysis and Modelling (Fields-CQAM) will focus on using machine learning to develop and improve cybersecurity detection mechanisms.

Significant VASA enhancements include the integration of Mitre’s Cyber Analytic Repository (CARs) and open source Sigma project dramatically increases the speed at which typical attacks are identified and prevented. CARs includes a growing list of known threat and malicious techniques previously observed on other enterprise networks. Sigma consists of a set of open source tools to help security analysts develop and share custom threat detection methods. Once developed, these methods and tools are shared across the community for everyone's benefit.

The new enhancements to RANK’s VASA platform update users with CARs and Sigma information to provide immediate benefit to security analysts by eliminating the need to manually develop the means to identify and prevent known types of attacks.

VASA helps identify and prevent security threats in real-time by ingesting data from network sources and identifying anomalies for security analysts to review. VASA addresses the challenges of identifying internal and unknown threats commonly missed today by perimeter defense systems through:

•    Active Learning. RANK Software helps reduce the false positives generated by most AI tools by recoding analyst feedback and allowing them to apply an action to similar alerts. This makes the VASA platform smarter over time allowing security analysts to become more efficient.
•    Enterprise Scale. RANK Software ingests data from over 40 sources out of the box including System Network Traffic and End Point log files. It is capable of handling more than 1 billion events a day at 10+ gigabits per second.
•    Contextualization. RANK Software builds on the results of AI, machine learning, and behavioral analytics by making the data more consumable and understanding risk thresholds based on context. This helps assemble and interpret the signals needed to hunt and assess threats faster and with high precision.
•    Flexible Architecture.  On the cloud or on-premise, RANK Software provides unparalleled context and visibility into potential breaches. 

About RANK Software
RANK Software is a leader in security intelligence and analytics. The company’s first product, VASA, is an AI-based threat detection platform that helps enterprises identify and analyze cybersecurity threats in real time, allowing them to take a proactive security posture in the rapidly changing cyber threat landscape. For more information, please visit www.ranksoftwareinc.com.

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