Scientific Beta Announces Two Major Flagship Conferences for 2019 in Europe and North America


EDHEC Scientific Beta Days Europe 2019 will be held on October 10 & 11 at The Barbizon Palace in Amsterdam and EDHEC Scientific Beta Days North America 2019 will take place at the Ritz Carlton in Boston on October 24 & 25, 2019

The two-day conferences will include multiple plenary sessions, workshops and practical sessions allowing professionals to review major industry challenges, explore state-of-the-art investment techniques and benchmark practices to advances in research. The extended format will allow more opportunities for exchanges and case studies.

The conference is organised by Scientific Beta within the framework of EDHEC Business School, a leading academic institution, for the benefit of professionals. It presents the research carried out by Scientific Beta and is structured to appeal to asset owners and their direct investment consultants and financial advisors.

The conferences will focus on the following themes:

  • Is it smart and responsible to invest in cryptocurrencies?
  • Can factor risk premiums disappear with their success?
  • How to reconcile ESG and factor investing
  • Limiting the carbon impact of factor strategies
  • How to manage the risks of factor-based investment
  • Protecting equity investment against drawdown risk: the case for maximum drawdown and maximum loss risk control options
  • The importance of market beta neutrality in the performance of factor investing in long-only and long-short
  • Modifying the factor exposures of an existing portfolio: factor completeness portfolio and single factor allocation
  • What factor allocation to reduce the dependence of the performance of multifactor strategies on economic regimes? From factor balance to regime premia diversification
  • How to assess the robustness of a multi-factor strategy
  • Are some defensive strategies more efficient than others?

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About Scientific Beta

As part of its policy of transferring know-how to the industry, EDHEC-Risk Institute has set up Scientific Beta. Scientific Beta is an original initiative which aims to favour the adoption of the latest advances in smart beta design and implementation by the whole investment industry. Its academic origin provides the foundation for its strategy: offer, in the best economic conditions possible, the smart beta solutions that are most proven scientifically with full transparency of both the methods and the associated risks.

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