Industry First: Nativo Launches Important Safety Information (ISI) for Pharmaceutical Advertisers’ Programmatic Branded Content Initiatives

Leading native platform is the only company to provide ISI capabilities on both native display units and native article pages programmatically

LOS ANGELES, Jan. 30, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Nativo, the leading unified technology platform for in-feed and branded content advertising, today announced Nativo Important Safety Information (ISI), which enables pharmaceutical advertisers to clearly disclose associated risks for specific drugs, treatments or devices across various branded content executions for both directly managed and programmatic campaigns.

"The FDA’s legal requirements for pharmaceutical ads have historically posed cumbersome challenges for branded content executions—the long disclosure text can really hamper a consumer’s experience," said Jay Freedman, CRO at Nativo. "Now, Nativo’s unique ability to offer in-feed content solutions that support ISI programmatically frees pharmaceutical advertisers to engage consumers in a more meaningful way that isn’t limited by legal restrictions."

With healthcare and pharma projected to surpass $3.1 billion in digital ad spend this year, advertisers have the opportunity to expand and accelerate mid-funnel performance with branded content executions that reach, engage and educate prospective patients with valuable information needed to make decisions about their health.

Nativo ISI’s programmatic capabilities will accelerate advertisers’ ability to scale branded content initiatives as part of their broader digital marketing strategy. Agencies and advertisers have already been using Nativo ISI for native display ads and native articles in directly managed campaigns to ensure FDA compliance for branded content programs.

With Nativo, Publicis Health Media (PHM) will launch the market’s first programmatic branded content campaigns leveraging ISI.

“Nativo has always stayed ahead of the curve when it comes to providing solutions that empower our clients to deliver high impact, branded content experiences,” said Andrea Palmer, Chief Strategy Officer at Publicis Health Media. “No other provider can activate ISI programmatically across multiple native formats, so working with Nativo gives us a huge competitive advantage and affords our clients new types of creative opportunities to engage with consumers.”

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